Mississippi Lien Notice Under Section 85-7-131 by Megadox


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									                                       LIEN NOTICE

COUNTY OF _________________________

TAKE NOTICE that ________________________________ [insert name of lien claimant], of
_________________________________ [address], ________________ [city], Mississippi, does
hereby claim a lien on the following real property situated in _________________ County,

       Legal Description:

       Address of Property:

The aforesaid lien is in the amount of __________________ DOLLARS ($_____________),
which is the unpaid balance for goods, materials, and services furnished for the purposes of
improvements made to the above described real property, at the request of the owner of said real

Suit has not been filed. The Contract has not been filed or recorded.

The undersigned claims a contractor’s and materialmen’s lien under the provision of Section
85-7-131, Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended.

WITNESS my signature this _____ day of ______________, 20_______.


                                             Print Name

SWORN TO and SUBSCRIBED before me this ___ day of___________________, 20_____.

Notary Public

My commission expires:

                           CERTIFICATE OF DELIVERY

On      this    ________       day    of    ________________________,     20______,      I,
_____________________________, hereby certify that I have delivered on this day a true and
correct copy of the foregoing to ________________________________________, via:

[check the appropriate option]

      Personal Service

      Mailing a true and correct copy of same by certified U.S. Mail, postage prepaid, return
       receipt requested, to _________________________________, who is the
       [owner/owner’s agent], located at ______________________________________,
       ____________________ [city], Mississippi.

SIGNED THIS _______ DAY OF ________________, _________ BY:


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                                      Missisippi Code, Section 85-7-131

SEC. 85-7-131. Property subject to lien; effect as to purchasers, etc., without notice.

Every house, building, water well or structure of any kind, and any fixed machinery, gearing or other fixture that
may or may not be used or connected therewith, railroad embankment, erected, constructed, altered or repaired, and
every subdivision of property or subdivided property which required services, designs or construction in designing
or laying out of streets or subdividing or construction of streets, sewerage, water or other utilities to be furnished by
the said subdivision or by the various owners or holders or creators of said subdivision or subdivided property or
individual lot or lots in connection therewith, whether inside of a municipality or outside thereof, shall be liable for
the debt contra
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