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									                          STUNT PERFORMER AGREEMENT

THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, 20____, (hereinafter referred
to as “the Agreement”),


                                [NAME OF PRODUCTION COMPANY]

                                                 - and -

                                   [NAME OF STUNT PERFORMER]

1.      Description of Services

Producer hereby engages Performer to render services as _______________________________ [describe
Performer’s role] in conjunction with the motion picture entitled “__________________________”
(hereinafter “the Picture”), and Performer accepts such engagement upon the terms and conditions set
forth in this Agreement.

2.      Period of Employment

The date on which principal photography of the Picture will commence is _________________ (“Start
Date”), or such other date as Producer may designate. Performer’s guaranteed employment period will
begin on the Start Date and continue for ______ consecutive weeks following the Start Date (the
“Guaranteed Period”).

3.      Next Start Date

The Start Date of Performer’s next engagement is [insert date].

4.      Compensation

Performer’s total guaranteed compensation for rendering the services hereunder shall be
________________ DOLLARS ($___________) for the for the Guaranteed Period. Performer will be paid
the sum of ________________ DOLLARS ($___________) per week (excluding location premiums), and
pro rata for each additional day beyond the Guaranteed Period until the completion of Performer’s
services, pro rated on a 6-day work week. Performer shall receive sixth day location premiums where
applicable. All compensation payable hereunder shall be paid on the ___day [insert day of week] of each
week for services rendered during the preceding week, provided that such day is not a federal or state
holiday, in which case Performer will be paid on the next business day following such holiday.

5.      Stunt Adjustments

(a)     It is understood that the rate of compensation specified may be adjusted depending upon the
        nature of the stunt activities Producer may require. In such event, the parties agree to bargain in
        good faith to determine an acceptable stunt adjustment.

(b)     Any such stunt adjustments agreed to shall be noted on Performer’s daily time card and shall be
        signed and initialed by Performer.

(c)     In all such instances, the parties shall agree upon such stunt adjustments before the stunt is
        performed if they may readily do so; however, it is expressly agreed that production shall not be
        delayed for the purpose of first determining the adjusted compensation for any such stunt.

(d)     Any such stunt adjustment shall increase Performer’s compensation for the week in the manner
        prescribed in Schedule H-II or H-III of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Codified Basic Agreement.

6.      Additional Compensation

If the Picture covered hereby is exhibited containing any of the results and proceeds of Performer’s
services hereunder, in any of the following media:

(a)     “Free” television re-runs in the United States and/or Canada;
(b)     Television exhibition anywhere in the universe outside the United States and Canada;
(c)     Theatrical exhibition anywhere in the unive
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