UK Exclusive Cover Illustrations Agreement

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THIS AGREEMENT is made effective as of the _____ day of ______________________, 20____
(hereinafter the “Agreement”).


                                        [NAME OF AUTHOR]
                                          [address of Author]
                                (hereinafter referred to as “the Author”)

                                                - and -

                                      [NAME OF PUBLISHER]
                                        [address of Publisher]
                              (hereinafter referred to as “the Publisher”)

WHEREAS the parties hereto acknowledge that the Author has entered into a publishing agreement
with the Publisher (the “Publishing Agreement”) pertaining to the work entitled
“_________________________________________” (the “Work”), pursuant to which the Publisher has
agreed to publish the work and perform other services for the Author.

AND WHEREAS the Author desires to have cover illustrations prepared especially for the Work

NOW THEREFORE in connection with the Author’s efforts to prepare the Work for publication, the
Publisher hereby agrees to provide the Illustrations for the Work upon the following terms and

                                 I.       Description of Services
1.       The Publisher will provide the Author with the services of an artist who is skilled and
proficient in a variety of artistic styles and media (hereinafter know as “the Artist”), who will create
the Illustrations. The Illustrations will be produced in the following media: graphite, ink, charcoal,
pastel, digital, watercolour, collage, photography, fabric, or any combination of these media or other
available media at the Author’s written request and subject to the Artist’s ability to work in a
particular medium.

2.     The Illustrations will be made available in high resolution (300dpi) TIFF or JPG format to be
used on the cover of the Work.

3.       The Publisher and the Artist will make all reasonable efforts to produce the final Illustrations
for the Author’s approval within _____ days of the initial consultation date. However, more time may
be needed, if deemed necessary by the Artist and/or the Author. The production of the Illustrations
for the cover is separate from the production of the interior galley and cover, and this Agreement
does not obligate the Publisher with regards to the production timeline of the interior galley or cover

4.      At the Publisher’s discretion, the same Illustration may be applied to both hardcover and
softcover editions of the Work.

                                             II.      Fees
5.      The fee for the Artist’s time for preparing the Illustrations, including the initial consultation,
correspondence, concept design work and re-work(s), will be a flat rate of £____________, to a

maximum of ________ hours. Additional time will be billed to the Author at an hourly rate of

                         III.     Materials to Be Provided by Author
6.      The Author will provide the Artist with a written description and/or rough sketch of the
desired cover art, colours and media to be used for the cover.

7.       The Author is responsible for providing any text and information for the back cover. The
Publisher reserves the right, in its sole discretion to edit or delete any obscene, scandalous, libellous,
plagiarised or inflammatory material, or any material that infringes upon the rights of any third
party, including without limitation, trademark or copyright infringement.

8.      The Author authorises the Publisher to correct any grammatical or spelling errors in the
material provided, and to edit the material so that the Work’s cover meets or exceeds current
professional standards in the industry.

                                IV.     Acceptance of Illustrations
9.      The Author must notify the Publisher in writing, within ____ days of receipt of the artwork, if
he / she is satisfied with the Illustrations.

10.      If the Author does not accept the Illustrations and the Publisher agrees that the quality of the
Illustrations does not match the original concept design agreed to, the Publisher will provide
modified Illustrations at no charge to the Author. In no event will the Publisher‘s liability for
unsatisfactory services with respect to the Illustrations exceed the amount paid by the Author
hereunder. The Author’s exclusive remedy in a dispute against the Publisher under this Agreement is
a refund of amounts already paid to the Publisher.

Description: UK publishers, offer your authors cover design services with this Exclusive Cover Illustrations Agreement. - The publisher agrees to provide the services of an artist to create the illustrations, based on the author's description and/or preliminary sketches. - The artist's fee is a flat rate charge, up to a maximum number of hours, after which an hourly rate will be charged. - The author must provide the text and information for the back cover. - The author must notify the publisher within a specified number of days whether or not s/he accepts the illustrations. - In the event of a dispute, the author's sole remedy is a refund of any amounts already paid. - Ownership of the illustrations remains with the publisher, who grants the author a limited license to use the illustrations in connection with the literary work. - The agreement is subject to the laws of England and Wales. This UK Exclusive Cover Illustrations Agreement is available in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your needs.
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