India Leave and Licence Agreement for Business Premises by Megadox


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									                 LEAVE AND LICENCE AGREEMENT (INDIA)

THIS     AGREEMENT         OF       LEAVE          AND      LICENCE        made     effective    at
______________________________ [location], as of the _____ day of ______________________, _______.


                                      [NAME OF LICENSOR]
                              an Indian Inhabitant of [city], residing at

                                              - and -

                                      [NAME OF LICENSEE]
                              an Indian Inhabitant of [city], residing at

WHEREAS Licensor is carrying on the business of _______________________________ [insert type of
business] from his Shop No. _________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Shop”), and he is
otherwise well and sufficiently entitled to and possessed of the Shop.

AND WHEREAS Licensor is not in a position to carry on his business on a full-fledged basis.

AND WHEREAS Licensee has approached Licensor and requested Licensor to grant to Licensee a
licence to use and occupy a portion of the Shop for a temporary period.

AND WHEREAS the parties hereto have agreed to record the following terms and conditions agreed
between them in respect of the said licence.


1.     The parties hereto agree that Licensor has permitted Licensee to use and occupy a portion of
       the Shop to carry on its business activities for a period of __________________________
       (______________) [insert the number of months in both words and numerals] months commencing
       on the __________ day of ____________________________, _____________ and terminating on
       the _________ day of ____________________________, _____________ (hereinafter referred to
       as the “Licence Term”).

2.     The portion of the Shop that Licensee shall be entitled to during the Licence Term is
       described as follows: [insert full description of licensed portion of the Shop].

3.     Licensee shall pay an interest-free security deposit of _________________ Rupees
       (Rs.___________) to Licensor on or before execution of this Agreement, receipt of which shall
       be acknowledged by Licensor (as set forth in Appendix A, attached hereto).

4.     Upon expiry of the Licence Term, and once Licensee has handed over vacant charge of the
       licensed portion of the Shop to Licensor, Licensor shall, after adjusting any dues, refund the
       said security deposit to Licensee.

5.     Licensee shall pay a monthly compensation fee of _______________________ Rupees
       (Rs.__________) in advance on or before the __________ day of every licence month for the
       use of the licensed portion of the Shop.

6.     Licensee shall be permitted to bring its own articles and things onto the licensed portion of
       the Shop during the Licence Term. At the end of the Licence Term, Licensee shall remove any
       such articles and things from the licensed portion of the Shop.

7.     Licensee shall be responsible for paying for or reimbursing to Licensor any and all electricity
       charges as per the electricity 
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