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					                              DEED OF SUB-LEASE (INDIA)

THIS DEED OF SUB-LEASE made effective at ____________________________________ [location], as
of the _____ day of ______________________, _______.


                                      [NAME OF SUB-LESSOR]

                                               - and -

                                      [NAME OF SUB-LESSEE]

WHEREAS by a deed of lease dated the ___________ day of ________________________, __________,
(the “Deed of Lease”, attached hereto as Schedule A) made between ______________________ (the
“Lessor”) and _____________________ (the “Lessee”), and registered at the office of the Sub-Registrar
at __________________________ under S. No. _________ of Book No. ___________, Lessor demised
unto Sub-Lessor as Lessee the land and premises described in the Deed of Lease (the “Premises”) for
a period of ____________________ (____________) [insert the number of years in both words and numerals]
years at the yearly rent of _______________________ Rupees (Rs._________________), and on and
subject to the covenants, terms and conditions set forth therein.

AND WHEREAS the said lease is still valid and subsisting.

AND WHEREAS Sub-Lessee has requested Sub-Lessor to grant to him a sublease of a portion of the
Premises, and which portion is delineated on the plan hereto annexed by the red-coloured boundary
line and is more particularly described in Schedule B (attached hereto), and which Sub-Lessor has
agreed to grant in the following manner.


1.      Pursuant to the said agreement, and in consideration of the rent hereby reserved and of the
        terms, covenants and conditions hereinafter provided, Sub-Lessor does hereby sublease unto
        Sub-Lessee the portion of the Premises described in Schedule B, attached hereto (the
        “Subleased Premises”), to hold the same unto and to the use of Sub-Lessee for all the residue
        of the unexpired term granted by the Deed of Lease, and yielding and paying therefor during
        the   said   term   the   monthly   ground       rent   of   ___________________________Rupees
        (Rs._________________), free and clear of all deductions, and strictly in advance on or before
        the fifth (5th) day of every month, commencing from the fifth (5 th) day of the month of
        ____________________________, and thereafter on or before the fifth (5 th) day of each and
        every succeeding month during the continuance of the Lease.

2.   Sub-Lessee, with a view to bind himself and his heirs, executors and assigns, covenants with
     Sub-Lessor as follows:

     (a)     to observe and perform all terms, covenants and conditions contained in the Deed of
             Lease, to the extent and so far as they are applicable to the Subleased Premises, as if
             they were incorporated in these presents, and not to commit breach of or do any act
             contrary to any such terms, covenants or conditions;

     (b)     to pay land revenue and any other taxes payable in respect of the Subleased Premises
             proportionate to the area of the Subleased Premises in relation to the total area of the

     (c)     to timely pay to Sub-Lessor the monthly rent, as set forth in Section 1;

     (d)     to pay to any relevant government or local authority, any and all municipal or other
             applicable taxes, rates and levies on the building and structures constructed on the
             Subleased Premises;

     (e)     not to cause any nuisance or annoyance to any neighbouring owners or occupants;

     (f)     not to assign, mortgage, sublet, or otherwise part with possession of the Subleased
             Premises in favour of any other person, without Sub-Lessor’s prior written consent;

     (g)     to indemnify Sub-Lessor from and against any loss, costs, charges and expenses that
             he may suffer or incur on account of any breach of law, rules and/or regulations o
Description: Sublet all or part of a commercial business premises in India with this Deed of Sublease. - Taxes and Charges. The sublessee agrees to pay all taxes, levies and charges payable on the subleased premises proportionate to the area that the subleased premises bear in relation to the total of the leased premises. - Indemnification. The sublessee agrees to indemnify the sublessor against any loss or costs suffered as a result of the sublessee's breach of Indian law or of the sublease or the Deed of Lease (head lease). - Default. If the sublessee fails to pay the rent or commits any breach of the sublease or the head lease, the sublessor has the right to retake possession of the premises. This India Deed of Sublease is an English language template form and is fully editable to meet your specific needs.
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