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									                             DEED OF POSSESSION (INDIA)

KNOWN TO ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I, ___________________________________, s/o
Shri ____________________________, presently residing at _________________________________
[address], is the owner and is in possession of a property registered as Residential Plot No.
_____________,        measuring     ____________________        sq.      metres,      and     situated    at
________________________________________________________________________ [address].

I hereby acknowledge that I have received the full and final consideration for the above-mentioned
plot as per the Agreement to Sell, dated the __________ day of _______________________, _________,
from     Shri     ____________________________,        s/o    _______________________________,           r/o

Now I have left with no right, lien, interest or claim in the same, and in future, I shall not raise any
dispute in regard to this plot. Additionally, my legal heirs shall not raise any objection in this respect.

I have hereby formally handed over vacant possession of t
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