Colorado Warranty Deed for Joint Ownership by Megadox


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                                                                --Above this line reserved for official use only--

                                            WARRANTY DEED

WITNESSETH that for the consideration of $____________________________ and other good and valuable
consideration, cash in hand paid, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged,
_________________________________ and _____________________________, Husband and Wife, whose legal
address is __________________________________________ [insert address], (hereinafter referred to as the
“Grantors”) have granted, bargained, sold and conveyed, and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell, convey and
confirm unto _________________________________ and _____________________________, Husband and Wife,
whose legal address is __________________________________________ [insert address], (hereinafter referred to
as the “Grantees”), their heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns forever, the following lands and
property, together with all improvements located on the property, situate in ________________________ County,
State of Colorado:

         [Describe Property]

         Prior instrument reference: Book __________, Page _________, Document Number ________
         of the Public Records of the District Recorder of ________________________ County, State of Colorado

         Also known by street and number as: [give street address and city/town], Colorado

TOGETHER with all and singular hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in any wise
appertaining and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof, and all the
estate, right, title, interest, claim and demand whatsoever of the said Grantors, either in law or equity, of, in and to
the above bargained premises, with the hereditaments and appurtenances.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the said Grantees, as joint tenants, with right of survivorship, their heirs,
personal representatives, executors and assigns forever; it being the intention of the parties hereto that (unless the
joint tenancy hereby created is severed or terminated during the joint lives of the Grantees) in the event one Grantee
herein survives the other, the entire interest in fee simple shall pass to the surviving Grantee, and if one does not
survive the other, then the heirs and assigns of the Grantees herein shall take as tenants in common.

And the said Grantors, for themselves, their heirs and personal representatives, do covenant, grant, bargain and agree
to and with th
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