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                                     General Requirements

Owner:           Maintain the structure and exterior property in accordance with these
                 requirements and not occupy, or permit others to occupy premises which are not
                 in a sanitary and safe condition and which do not comply with the property
                 maintenance code. The owner shall be responsible for extermination of pests and
                 rodents prior to renting or leasing the premises.

Occupant:        Keep the dwelling unit or premises which they occupy and control in a clean and
                 sanitary and safe condition. The occupant is responsible to maintain the property
                 rodent and pest free.


                      Item                          Yes / No             Comments
Is the exterior of the property in a clean, safe,
and sanitary condition?
Is the grading and drainage maintained to
prevent standing and stagnant water?
Are the sidewalks, driveways, stairways,
parking areas and similar spaces maintained
and free of hazardous conditions?
Is the premises maintained free of noxious
weeds and unsightly grass growth?
Are all structures and exterior properties free
of rodent harborage and infestation?
Are pipes, ducts and fans maintained so as
not to discharge gases, steam, vapor, hot air,
grease, smoke, odors or other gaseous or
particulate wastes directly upon abutting
public or private property?
Are accessory structures including garages,
fences, walls and sheds structurally sound
and in good repair?
Are swimming pools, spas and hot tubs
maintained in a clean and sanitary condition
and in good repair with a proper security
fence, locking, self closing gate and/or
lockable cover?
Are motor vehicles validly licensed, operable
and parked in proper location?
Is the property free from marking, carving,
graffiti, damage or defacement?
Are the landscaping areas planted and
maintained, with no dead or severely
                  Item     Yes / No   Comments
damaged plant materials?


                     Item                        Yes / No   Comments
Do the premises have approved address
numbers displayed?
Is the exterior structure in good repair,
structurally sound and sanitary?
Are all exterior surfaces, including doors,
door and window frames, cornices, porches,
decks, balconies, and trim maintained in
good condition and protected from the
elements and decay with paint or other
protective treatments (except those elements
that are made from decay resistant materials)
in good condition?
Are all structural members maintained free
from deterioration and capable of supporting
all loads?
Are foundation walls maintained plumb and
free from open cracks and breaks to prevent
rodent and pest infestation?
Are exterior walls free from holes, breaks,
loose or rotting materials and maintained
weatherproof and surface coated to prevent
Are roofs and flashings sound, tight and
without defects that admit water? Is the roof
in sound enough condition to prevent
damage or deterioration in the walls or
interior?    Roof    drains,    gutters    and
downspouts maintained in good repair and
free of obstructions? Roof water discharge
does not create a nuisance?
Are decorative features maintained in good
repair and properly anchored to the
Are overhang extensions, canopies, signs,
awnings, fire escapes, stairways, decks,
porches, balconies, and appurtenances
attached thereto maintained in good repair,
structurally sound and properly anchored?
Are handrails and guards firmly fastened
and capable of supporting normally imposed
Are chimneys, towers, and smoke stacks and
similar features structurally safe and in good

                      Item                       Yes / No   Comments
Are windows, skylight, doors and frames
maintained in good condition and weather
tight? Is glazing free of cracks and holes and
do windows open easily? Are insect screens
provided on all operable windows and free
from defects, tears and openings?
Are door frames and hardware in good
condition and do locks at entrances secure
the door? Is the hardware of the proper type?
Do guards for basement egress windows
require greater force than the normal
operation of the window?
Is drainage from roofs, paved areas, yards,
courts, and other areas discharged in a
manner that does not create a public


                       Item                      Yes / No   Comments
Is the interior of the structure and equipment
therein maintained in good repair,
structurally sound and in sanitary condition?
Are structural members sound and capable
of supporting the imposed loads?
Are interior surfaces maintained in good
repair, clean and sanitary, with no peeling,
flaking, abraded or chipped paint or cracked
or loose plaster?
Are stairways, ramps, landings, balconies,
porches, decks or other walking surfaces
maintained in good condition and in good
Are handrails and guards firmly fastened
and capable of supporting normally imposed
loads and are maintained in good condition?
Do interior doors fit frames and are easily
opened and closed?
Is the interior free from accumulation of
rubbish and garbage?
Are premises free from rodent and insect


                  Item                           Yes / No   Comments
Are all habitable rooms provided with
windows having an area of 8% of the floor
Do habitable rooms have at least one

                     Item                         Yes / No   Comments
openable window with an area equal to 3.6%
of the floor area?
Are hallways, stairways, landings, and other
common areas properly lighted?
Are indoor spaces provided with natural or
artificial light sufficient to permit the
maintenance of sanitary conditions and safe
occupancy of the space, fixtures and
Do bathrooms and toilet rooms have natural
ventilation, or mechanical ventilation that is
exhausted to the outdoors?
Have cooking facilities in rooming units or
dormitories been properly approved and
Are all injurious, toxic, irritating or noxious
fumes, gases, dust, or mists properly
exhausted to the exterior?
Are      clothes   dryer    exhaust     systems
independent of all another systems and
exhausted to the outside?

Are dwelling units, hotel units, rooming
units and dormitory rooms arranged to
provide privacy and to separate adjoining
Do habitable rooms have a minimum
dimension of 7’ (except kitchens)? Do
kitchens have a minimum of 3’ between
counter fronts and appliances or walls?
Do habitable spaces, hallways, corridors,
laundry areas, bathrooms, toilet rooms and
habitable basements have a minimum ceiling
height of 7’?
Do bedrooms contain a minimum of 70
square feet of floor area for one person and
50 additional square feet for each person?
Description: Perform a complete inspection on a real estate property with this comprehensive 7-page Property Maintenance ⁄ Inspection Checklist. Whether you are managing rental properties or are looking for a home to purchase, a full-scale inspection is important to determine any structural defects, health or safety violations, or other problems that could result in costly renovations or even render the property partly or wholly uninhabitable. The Inspection Checklist covers exterior and interior areas, structural issues, lighting, ventilation, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire safety, window sizes, cleanliness and sanitation, room sizes, proximity to exits, and much more. This Property Maintenance ⁄ Inspection Checklist is available as a downloadable MS Word file which is fully editable and can be filled in on the computer, or printed off and filled in by hand.
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