India Partnership Dissolution Deed by Megadox


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									                    PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION DEED (INDIA)

THIS DEED OF DISSOLUTION made effective at ____________________________________ [location],
as of the _____ day of ______________________, _______.


                                            [NAME OF PARTY A]
                                               (“Party A”)

                                                    - and -

                                             [NAME OF PARTY B]
                                                (“Party B”)

WHEREAS the parties hereto were carrying on business in partnership under the firm name and style of
M/S.___________________________________ (the “Partnership”), as per the deed of partnership dated the
_________ day of _________________________, ____________ (the “Deed of Partnership”).

AND WHEREAS the parties hereto have agreed to dissolve the Partnership by mutual consent with effect from
the close of the ____________ day of _____________________________, ______________.

AND WHEREAS the parties hereto are desirous of reducing into writing the term and conditions of the
dissolution of the Partnership.

NOW THEREFORE, this Deed of Dissolution witnesseth that:

1.      The Partnership shall be deemed to have been dissolved by mutual consent with effect from the close
        of the ___________ day of _________________________, ___________.

2.      The parties hereto have assured the other and warranted that, except as recorded in the books of
        accounts and papers of the Partnership, each of them has not received, collected, or discharged or
        compromised any claim, demand or other credit due, or to become due, to the Partnership, or incurred
        any obligation that may, now or hereafter, directly or indirectly charge or affect the Partnership or any
        of its property.

3.      The parties hereto shall execute any other deed or deeds or releases to further assure the 
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