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Home Staging Services Contract


Sign an agreement with a customer to provide home staging and design services with this customizable Home Staging Services Contract. - The homeowner acknowledges that staging the home does not guarantee a sale, or that the home will sell at the asking price. - The staging services do not include the costs of hiring outside contractors, such as painters or contractors to make repairs. - Whenever possible, the design consultant will use the homeowner's existing furnishings. The homeowner will pay the costs of renting additional furniture, purchasing accessories and supplies that the consultant needs to properly stage and redesign the home for sale. - The homeowner is solely responsible for packing, de-personalizing and decluttering, cleaning the home, and storage costs for items that are removed. - The homeowner agrees to make sure that rented items are not used for any purpose other than as display items. - The contract includes additional clauses for homes that are vacated prior to staging, and special provisions covering virtual tour services. This Home Staging Services Contract is a downloadable and fully editable MS Word file.

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									                       HOME STAGING SERVICE AGREEMENT

THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                         [NAME OF CONSULTANT]
                                           [address of consultant]

                                                    - and -

                                             [NAME OF CLIENT]
                                              [address of client]

WHEREAS        Client    is   in    the     process   of   selling    his/her   home,      located      at
________________________________________ [insert address of property] (the “Home”) and wishes to
engage the services of Consultant to stage the Home to maximize its viewing potential in an effort to sell
the home more quickly;

AND WHEREAS Consultant wishes to accept the engagement, and represents to Client that Consultant
has the necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to provide the staging services to Client;

NOW THEREFORE THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSES that in consideration of the mutual covenants
and agreements contained in this Agreement and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt
and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged by the parties, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1.      Scope of Agreement

1.1.    Client hereby engages, and Consultant agrees to provide, the services as more fully described in
Schedule “A” attached to this Agreement with respect to staging the Home for sale, and such other
services as the parties may agree from time to time (collectively, the “Services”).

1.2.    The Services specifically do not include interior or exterior painting, or repairs. If Client requires
these services, Client must arrange for services to be provided by third party contractors.

1.3.    Consultant cannot give advice or recommendations with respect to structural alterations. Client
is responsible for obtaining any such advice from a suitably qualified professional, such as an architect or

1.4.      All third party work performed with respect to preparing the Home for sale, including but not
limited to, structural repairs, painting, exterior or interior repairs, landscaping, real estate listings, and
cleaning, is the responsibility of the party performing such work, and Consultant has no responsibility or
liability with respect to such work.

1.5.    Client understands and agrees that, while home staging techniques are a proven method of
presenting a property in a manner that will appeal to a wide range of buyers, Consultant cannot
guarantee that the Services will ensure that the Home will sell faster or at all, or that it will sell at a higher
market value or at any price.
2.       Term of Agreement

This Agreement shall become effective as of __________ [insert date] and shall continue in effect on a
month to month basis until the Home is sold or until this Agreement is terminated by either party as
provided herein, whichever is earliest (the “Term”).

3.       Fees and Expenses; Payment of Invoices

3.1.    Client agrees to pay Consultant the fees for Consultant’s services in accordance with Schedule
“A”, attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement.

3.2.      Payment for fees shall be paid as follows: __________________________________ [set out how the
client is to pay the fees, for instance, of all fees are payable prior to the provision of Services, or if it is to be paid in
installments, such as 50% upon signing the Agreement and the balance at the end of the Term, or whatever other
arrangement you have worked out with the client].

                     Item                                     Date Due                                Amount
         Non-refundable deposit                     Upon execution of Agreement                $___________

3.3.    In addition to Consultant’s fees, Client agrees to pay the actual costs incurred by Consultant for
accessories, props and supplies purchased or rented for the staging and redesign of the Home, to a
maximum of $________________. Consultant will submit receipts for all such items, and Client agrees to
reimburse Consultant within ____ days of receiving receipts from Consultant.

3.4.     Client agrees to furnish Consultant with the agreed sum of $_____________ for the purpose of
renting furniture for the staging of the Home for a period of one (1) month. This sum is Consultant’s best
estimate of the costs involved, based on previous rental and staging experience. If the actual rental cost
will exceed this sum, Consultant shall obtain Client’s written approval prior to contracting for the rental.
If Client agrees to the additional costs, Client will reimburse Consultant for the additional rental costs
upon receipt of the rental contract. If the actual rental cost is less than the agreed sum, Consultant will
apply the excess amount to its invoice.

3.5.   If Client wishes to extend the rental period beyond one (1) month, Client must arrange for the
extended rental directly with the rental company(ies).

4.       Staging Requirements

4.1.     Whenever possible, Consultant will move unused furniture items to a designated area of the
Home, however, Client understands that in order to properly stage the Home, some furniture or
accessory items may need to be removed from the Home. Storage of items removed from the Home is the
sole responsibility of Client.

4.2.     To keep costs to a minimum, Consultant will use as much of Client’s furniture and accessories as
possible, however, Client acknowledges that certain items may need to be replaced, refurbished or
accessorized. Accessories and other items purchased for staging purposes will be deemed the property of
Client. Consultant may, at its sole option, repurchase certain items from Client at _____% of their original
purchase price.

4.3.    Client hereby grants permission to Consultant to remove anything in the Home or on the
property, including furniture, accessories, window coverings, items from cupboards, cabinets, closets,
drawers and otherwise that Consultant deems necessary at its discretion to prepare the Home for sale,
except for the following items: _____________________________________________ [list any items not to be

4.4.    Client is solely responsible for arranging for pre-staging cleaning, decluttering and packing /
storing of personal items. Client agrees to have the Home, including carpets and windows, professionally
cleaned prior to commencement of the Services.

4.5.    Client agrees to make the Home accessible to Consultant and its employees, contractors and
agents for staging, consultation and redesign tasks. Client shall provide Consultant with a key and a
combination lock box. Consultant agrees that no one except Consultant’s designated personnel shall be
allowed to use Client’s key or shall be given the combination to the lock box.

4.6.   Client acknowledges and agrees that Consultant may use nails, picture hangers or other materials
to hang or display art and accessories as part of the Services. Client assumes all responsibility for
personal property and for any marks and/or holes from artwork installed during the staging process.

4.7.     Rented furniture, accessories and other items are for display purposes only and are not to be used
by Client or Client’s family or guests. Client is responsible for removing and/or storing rented items such
as bed linens, towels and throw rugs between showings to ensure that they do not become soiled, and for
ensuring that those items are put back in place before the next showing.

4.8.    Client agrees to leave all staged areas properly staged during the entire Term of this Agreement.

4.9.    All pets should be removed from the Home during the staging process and during showings.
Consultant is not responsible for any pet that escapes from the Home during the provision of the

4.10.   Client shall not allow smoking within the Home during the staging period.

4.11.   It is the sole responsibility of Client to ensure that driveways, walkways and entrances are free of
any obstructions, including but not limited to snow, ice, mud, furniture, bicycles, skateboards, shoes, etc.,
to allow Consultant and its personnel and agents to perform their duties.

5.      Client’s Representations

5.1     Client represents and warrants to Consultant that Client has full power and authority to sign this
Agreement, and to authorize the movement of items within the Home or temporary removal of items
from the Home by Consultant as required in order for Consultant to perform its services.

5.2   Client represents and warrants to Consultant that the Home and its contents is covered by a
homeowner’s insurance policy for full replacement value.

6.      Showings

6.1     Consultant agrees to give Client at least __________ hours notice prior to arranging a showing
with Client’s realtor.

6.2      Appointments for showings which are cancelled by Client within twenty-four (24) hours of the
time of the appointment will be charged a $______________ rescheduling fee.

7.      Release and Indemnity

7.1     Client agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Consultant, its employees, agents,
contractors, suppliers and representatives against any and all losses, accidents, damages, injuries,
expenses, and claims resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from the performance of the

7.2   Client agrees that in no event shall Consultant’s total and aggregate liability under this
Agreement exceed the amount of fees actually paid by Client.

7.3     Consultant and its contractors, agents, employees, representatives, successors and assigns shall
and does hereby indemnify and hold Client and his/her family, partners, associates, and employees
harmless for any damages, losses or personal injury occurring during or as a result of the performance of
the Services, except when due to negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Client, his/her family,
partners, associates, or employees.

8.      Insurance

Consultant agrees to obtain and maintain comprehensive liability insurance coverage throughout the
Term, and to provide proof of such insurance to Client upon request.

9.      Photography and Publicity Release

Client acknowledges that “before and after” photographs will be taken during the staging process. Client
hereby consents to Consultant’s use of such photographs in Consultant’s advertising and marketing
materials, provided, however, that Consultant does not include any photographs or other information
which might disclose Client’s identity, such as photos showing the house number and/or street on which
the Home is located.

10.     Confidentiality

10.1     Consultant agrees to keep all confidential information belonging to or with respect to Client
absolutely confidential and to protect against 
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