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					                       MOBILE HOME APPRAISAL REPORT (USA)

DATE: _____________________________________

APPRAISER: _______________________________

APPRAISAL COMPANY (if applicable): _________________________________

Address (including city, state, zip code):

Legal Description:

Assessor’s Parcel #:                 Tax Year:                           R.E. Taxes:
Neighborhood Name:                   Map Reference:                      Census Tract:

Borrower:                                              Owner of Public Record:

Occupant:  Owner  Tenant  Vacant
Project Type (if applicable):
 Planned Unit Development  Condominium  Cooperative  Other: ______________________
Special Assessments:                               HOA:
$                                                  $                  per year  per month
Property Rights Appraised:  Fee Simple  Leasehold  Other: ____________________________
Assignment Type:        Purchase Transaction  Refinance Transaction  Other: ________________
Lender/Client:                   Address:

Has this property (currently or in the past twelve (12) months) been offered for sale?    Yes    No

Offering Price: $_____________________________________
Offering Date: ______________________________________

Data source(s) used:

                                         CONTRACT FOR SALE
Analysis of the contract was completed:  Yes  No
Results of the analysis / Reasons for not completing the analysis:

Contract Price:                                         Date of Contract:
Property seller is the owner of record:  Yes  No
Any financial assistance (e.g. loan charges, sale concessions, etc.) to be paid by any party on behalf of the
borrower?  Yes  No

If Yes: Amount to be paid $________________________________________________
Items to be paid:

Analysis of the manufacturer’s invoice was completed:  Yes  No
Results of the analysis / Reasons for not completing the analysis:

Retailer’s Name (new construction):

Neighborhood Characteristics:
        Location:  Urban  Suburban  Rural
        Built-up:  Over 75%  25 – 75%  Under 25%
        Growth Rate:  Rapid  Stable  Slow
Mobile Home Trends:
        Property Values:  Increasing  Stable  Decreasing
        Supply/Demand:  Shortage  In Balance  Over Supply
        Marketing Time:  Under 3 months  3 – 6 months  Over 6 months
Mobile Home:
        Average Price: $____________________________
        Average Age: _______________________ years
Present Land Use:
        One Unit: ___________________________%
        2 – 4 Unit: ___________________________%
        Multi-family Unit: ____________________%
        Commercial: _________________________%
        Other: _______________________________%
Neighborhood Boundaries:

Neighborhood Description:

Market Conditions:

Dimensions:                                            Area:

Shape:                                                  View:

Specific Zoning Classification:                         Zoning Description:

Zoning Compliance: Legal Legal Nonconforming (grandfathered use)  No Zoning
 Illegal (describe): ___________________________________________________________________
Is the property currently being used to its full potential?  Yes  No
If No, describe:

       Electricity:  Public  Other (specify): ___________________________________________
       Gas:  Public  Other (specify): _________________________________________________
       Water:  Public  Other (specify): ________________________________________________
       Sewer:  Public  Other (specify): ________________________________________________
Off-Site Improvements
       Streets:  Public  Private
       Alleys:  Public  Private
FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area:  Yes  No  FEMA Flood Zone
FEMA Map #:                                         FEMA Map Date:

Are the utilities and off-site improvements typical for the area?    Yes      No
If No, explain:

Is the size, shape, and topography generally conforming and acceptable to the area?    Yes    No
If No, explain:

Is there adequate vehicular access to the property?     Yes     No
If No, explain:

Is the street properly maintained?    Yes    No
If No, explain:

Are there any adverse site conditions or external factors (e.g. easements, encroachments, environmental
factors, etc.) affecting the property?  Yes  No
If Yes, explain:

Is the HUD Data Plate/Compliance Certificate attached to the mobile home?  Yes       No
If Yes, indicate where:

If No, indicate the data source for the HUD Plate information:

Manufacturer’s Serial #/VIN #:

HUD Certification Label #:

Manufacturer’s Name:                 Trade/Model:                     Date of Manufacture:

Do the wind, roof load, and thermal zones meet the minimum HUD requirements for the location of the
mobile home?  Yes  No
If No, explain:

                               IMPROVEMENTS ON THE PROPERTY
                                      General Description
Number of Units:                                Additions:

Number of Stories:  1      2    Other            Number of Sections:  1  2  3  Other
Attic:  Yes  No                                   Basement:  Yes  No

Type:  Detached         Attached    Semi-detached/End Unit
Year Built:                                        Effective Age: ____________________ years


 Poured Concrete  Concrete Runners  Block & Pier  Other: ___________________________
Basement:  Full  Partial  Outside entry/exit
            Area: _______________________ sq. ft.
            Finished: ____________________%
            Sump Pump:  Yes  No
Evidence of:  Infestation  Dampness  Settlement  Other: ____________________________
Heating:  FWA  HWBB  Radiant  Other: __________________________________________
Cooling:  Central Air Conditioning  Individual  Other: _________________________________
                            Exterior (describe the materials and condition)

Exterior Walls:

Roof Surface:

Gutters and Downspouts:

Window Type:

Storm Sash/Insulated:








                            Interior (describe the materials and condition)



Bath Floor:                                         Bath Wainscoting:

Wood Stoves: #_____________________                 Fireplaces: #____________________


Car Storage:    None
                Driveway: # of cars: ____________      Driveway surface: _____________________
                Carport: # of cars: ____________  attached  detached
                Garage: # of cars: ____________  attached  detached
Appliances:     Refrigerator       Dishwasher       Microwave
                Range/Oven         Disposal         Washer/Dryer
                Other: _____________________________________________

Finished area above grade contains:
      ______________ Rooms
      ______________ Bedrooms

     ______________ Baths
     ______________ Sq. ft. of gross living area
Additions or Modifications (describe):

Installer’s Name:
Is the mobile home attached to a permanent foundation system?  Yes             No
If No, describe the foundation system and manner of attachment:

Towing hitch, wheels and axles removed from the mobile home?            Yes    No
If No, explain:

Is the mobile home permanently connected to a septic tank or sewerage system?          Yes    No
If No, explain:

Is the mobile home permanently connected to utilities?       Yes      No
If No, explain:

Does the mobile home have gross living area and room dimensions that are acceptable to the market?
    Yes  No
If No, explain:

Additional Features (e.g. energy efficient items, non-realty items, etc.):

Quality of the construction:  Poor  Fair  Average  Good  Excellent
Source of the quality rating: ____________________________________________________
[NOTE: The appraiser must rate the quality of construction based on an objective criteria (e.g. N.A.D.A.
Manufactured Housing Appraisal Guide, Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Handbook, etc.). The appraiser must
report the source used for this quality rating.]
What is the condition of the property (including needed repairs, deterioration, renovations, remodeling,

Are there any physical deficiencies or adverse conditions that affect the habitability or structural integrity
of the mobile home?  Yes  No
If Yes, describe:

Does the property generally conform to the neighborhood (function, style, condition, use, etc.)?
 Yes  No
If No, explain:

                              COST APPROACH FOR APPRAISAL
How was site value determined? (e.g. summary of comparable land sales or other methods for estimating
site value)

Estimated reproduction or replacement cost: $
Source of cost data:              Effective date of cost data:         Quality rating from cost service:

                               Exterior Dimensions of the Mobile Home
______________________ = ______________ Sq. ft,
______________________ = ______________ Sq. ft.
______________________ = ______________ Sq. ft.
______________________ = ______________ Sq. ft.
Total Gross Living Area = _________________ Sq. ft.
                                       Other Data Identification
N.A.D.A. Data Identification Information:
Edition Month:                    Edition Year:
MH State:                          Region:                          Size:
                                                                    __________ ft. x __________ ft.
Gray pg:                           White pg.                        Black SVS pg.

15 years and older conversion chart pg.              Yellow pg.

Estimated Remaining Economic Life (HUD and VA only): __________________ years

                                             Opinion of Site Value
Section One                 _____ Sq. ft. at $_____________/Sq. ft. $
Section Two                 _____ Sq. ft. at $_____________/Sq. ft   $
Section Three               _____ Sq. ft. at $_____________/Sq. ft. $
Section Four                _____ Sq. ft. at $_____________/Sq. ft. $
                                                           Subtotal $
                                     Cost Multiplier (if applicable) __________ x ________________
                                                 Modified Subtotal $
                      Physical depreciation or condition modifier
                Functional obsolescence (not used for N.A.D.A.)
                  External depreciation or state location modifier
         Delivery, installation, and setup (not used for N.A.D.A.) $
                             Other depreciated site improvements $
                    Market value of the site (as supported above) $
                               Indicated Value by Cost Approach $
                                         Summary of Cost Approach
- 10 -
                                                  - 11 -

The comparable properties currently offered for sale in the market area range in price from:
$_______________________________ to $__________________________
Comparable sales in the market area in the past twelve (12) months range in price from:
$_______________________________ to $__________________________
      Feature         Subject Property       Comparable Property #1          Comparable Property #2
Proximity to         N/A
subject property
Sale Price           $                     $                               $
Gross Living Area                Sq. ft.                Sq. ft.                         Sq. ft.
Sale Price/Gross     $          /Sq. ft. $             /Sq. ft.            $           /Sq. ft.
Living Area
Manufactured         Yes                    Yes  No                       Yes  No
Data Source(s)

       Value            Description       Description        +/- $       Description      +/- $
   Adjustments                                             Adjustment                   Adjustment
Sale or Financing    N/A
Date of Sale         N/A




Quality of
Actual Age

# of Rooms           Total:              Total:                         Total:
                     Bed:                Bed:                           Bed:
                     Bath:               Bath:                          Bath:
Rooms Above          Total:              Total:                         Total:
Grade                Bed:                Bed:                           Bed:
                     Bath:               Bath:                          Bath:
Basement &
Finished Rooms
Below Grade
Functional Utility
                                                    - 12 -


Energy Efficient



Net Adjustment         N/A                                   $                               $
Adjusted Sale          N/A                  Net Adj:         $               Net Adj:        $
Price of                                    __________%                      __________%
Comparable                                  Gross Adj:                       Gross Adj:
Properties                                  __________%                      __________%

The sale or transfer of the mobile home and comparable sales has been researched:  Yes           No
If No, explain:

The research revealed prior sales or transfers of the mobile home for the three (3) years prior to the
effective date of this appraisal:  Yes  No

Data source:

The research revealed prior sales or transfers of the comparable sales for the year prior to the date of
the comparable sale:  Yes  No

Data source:

                   Prior sales or transfers of the subject property and comparable sales
          Item                  Subject Property          Comparable Sale #1      Comparable Sale #2
Date of Prior
Price of Prior               $                         $                          $
Data Source(s)

Effective Date of Data
Analysis of prior sale or transfer history of the subject property and comparable sales:
                                                  - 13 -

                              Summary of Sales Comparison Approach

Indicated Value by Sales Comparison Approach: $

                            INCOME APPROACH FOR APPRAISAL
Estimated Monthly Market Rent: Gross Rent Multiplier:            Indicated Value by Income
$                          x                                =
     Summary of Income Approach (including support for market rent and gross rent multiplier)

Indicated Value by          Sales   Indicated Value  by  Cost           Indicated Value by Income
Comparison Approach:                Approach:                           Approach (if developed):
Description: Prepare an appraisal of a mobile home in the United States for sale or loan purposes with this USA Mobile Home Appraisal Report. The appraiser can easily fill out the Appraisal Report by hand or on a computer. The form contains sections detailing: - the mobile home and the property, - analysis of the contract for sale, - particulars of the neighborhood in which the mobile home is situated, - site specifications, - HUD data plate ⁄ compliance certificate, - improvements to the property, - cost approach, sales comparison approach, and income approach, - project information for planned unit development (if applicable), - definitions of terms used in the Appraisal Report, - appraiser's statement of assumptions and limiting conditions, - appraiser's certification. This 17-page USA Mobile Home Appraisal Report form is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable.
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