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									                    ROOMMATE AGREEMENT (MICHIGAN)
THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                       [NAME OF ROOMMATE #1]

                                                    - and -

                                        [NAME OF ROOMMATE #2]
                           [add more parties if there are more than 2 roommates]
         (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Roommates” and individually as a “Roommate”)

                                                    - and -

                                       [NAME OF LANDLORD]
                         of __________________________ [insert landlord’s address]

WHEREAS the parties have entered into a rental agreement (the “Rental Agreement”) dated __________
[insert date] with respect to the rental premises located at ______________ [insert address of rental premises]
(the “Premises”);

AND WHEREAS the Roommates will rent the Premises on a co-tenancy basis as roommates, and are
executing this Agreement to set out in writing the rights and responsibilities of each Roommate;

AND WHEREAS Landlord, by executing this Agreement, has consented to this arrangement, subject to
the terms and conditions hereinafter set out.

NOW THEREFORE it is hereby agreed between the parties as follows:

1.      Term and Termination

1.1      This Agreement shall become effective on __________ [insert date] and shall continue to remain in
effect until the Rental Agreement is terminated.

1.2    Each Roommate must give the other Roommate(s) and Landlord thirty (30) days written notice if
such Roommate plans to move out prior to termination of the Rental Agreement.

1.3     A departing Roommate is responsible for paying his/her proportionate share of rent and all
expenses up to the date of departure, and for paying any personal long distance or other charges for
which the departing Roommate is solely responsible.

1.4     A departing Roommate is solely responsible for finding a suitable replacement roommate, unless
otherwise agreed to in writing by Landlord and the remaining Roommate(s). If the departing Roommate
leaves without finding a suitable replacement, the departing Roommate shall continue to be liable for rent
and utilities as set out in this Agreement until such time as a suitable replacement is found, or until the
expiration of this Agreement. Unpaid rent shall be deducted by Landlord from the departing Roommate's
portion of the security deposit.

2.      Rent and Utilities (select one of the following options and delete the other)

2.1     [If all roommates are contributing equally to rent] Each Roommate shall be responsible for his/her
proportionate share of the rent payable each and every month under the term of this Agreement.

2.1     [if rent is being paid disproportionately] The Roommates will pay the monthly rent in the following

               Name of Roommate                                         Amount of Rent
Roommate #1                                            Rent $_________ / ______%
Roommate #2                                            Rent $_________ / ______%

Rent is due on the ____ day of each month in accordance with the Rental Agreement. The Roommates
will pay the rent in the following manner: _______________ [set out whether each roommate is to make their
rent payment separately, or whether one roommate will collect rent from the others and submit payment].

2.2     The following utilities and services shall be / have been arranged and paid for as follows:

      Item            Name on Account             Deposit ($)        Deposit Paid by         How Bill is
                      (Responsible for                                                        Shared
Cable TV

3.      Security Deposit

Each Roommate has paid or will pay the following amount of security deposit to Landlord:

               Name of Roommate                                   Amount of Security Deposit
Roommate #1                                            Rent $_________ / ______%
Roommate #2                                            Rent $_________ / ______%

Each Roommate is responsible for paying the costs of any damage to the Premises caused by his/her
action or inaction, or those of his/her family or guests. If any damage occurs the cause of which cannot be
determined, the Roommates agree to split the cost of damages equally among them.

4.      Long Distance Telephone [use this provision if there is a land line on the premises, but delete it
        if the roommates only use their cell phones for calls]

Each Roommate shall be responsible for paying his/her own long distance telephone calls and charges,
and for any charges attributable to a non-tenant under their supervision.

5.      Responsibilities

Each Roommate is responsible for the following:

(a)     to comply with all obligations imposed by applicable provisions of the building and housing
        codes materially affecting health and safety of those occupying the Premises, as well as the
        Premises itself;

(b)     to keep the Premises clean and in good condition;

(c)     to dispose of all refuse in a safe and clean manner;

(d)     to use all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and other facilities
        and appliances in a reasonable manner;

(e)     to not 
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