Massachusetts Residential Sublease Agreement by Megadox


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									                                   SUBLEASE AGREEMENT
THIS SUBLEASE made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                    [NAME OF ORIGINAL TENANT]

                                                  - and -

                                     [NAME OF NEW SUBTENANT]

                                                  - and -

                                         [NAME OF LANDLORD]


WHEREAS Tenant is the tenant under a lease agreement dated the _____ day of ______________, _______
(the “Head Lease”), between Tenant and Landlord, under which Tenant agreed to lease the rental unit
located at ____________________________ [insert address of premises], _____________ [city/town],
Massachusetts, and all furniture, fixtures and fittings within the rental unit (collectively, the “Premises”);

AND WHEREAS the Head Lease is for a term of _____ years and expires on __________ [insert date];

AND WHEREAS Subtenant desires to sublet the Premises from Tenant, and Tenant has obtained
Landlord’s written consent to sublet the Premises to Subtenant, as required by the Head Lease;

NOW THEREFORE THIS SUBLEASE WITNESSES that in consideration of the mutual covenants and
agreements contained in this Sublease, Tenant agrees to sublet, and Subtenant agrees to take the
Premises, on the terms and conditions contained herein and in accordance with the provisions of the
Head Lease.

1.     TERM. The term of this Sublease is for a period of _______ [months/years], beginning on
__________ [insert date] and expiring on __________ [insert date].

2.     TERMINATION. The sublease will automatically terminate on the expiry date set out in
paragraph 1. There shall be no holding over in the Premises after termination under any circumstances,
without the written consent of both Tenant and Landlord.

3.       RENT. The monthly rent hereunder is $________, payable in advance on the _______ day of the
month. The rent is payable to ________________________ [indicate whether rent is to be paid to Tenant,
Landlord, or to an agent] at ______________________________________________________________ [set out
the address to which rent payments are to be sent].

4.      UTILITIES. All charges for utilities connected with the Premises which are to be paid by Tenant
under the Head Lease shall be paid by Subtenant throughout the term of this Sublease.

5.     CONDITION OF PREMISES. Subtenant has inspected the Premises and agrees that they are in
good, satisfactory and tenantable condition. Subtenant agrees to surrender and deliver to Tenant the
Premises in as good a condition as they were at the beginning of the term, reasonable wear and tear
excepted. Subtenant will be liable to Tenant for any damages occurring to the Premises or to the building
which are caused by any action or inaction of Subtenant or Subtenant’s family, guests or invitees.

6.      SECURITY DEPOSIT. Subtenant agrees to pay Tenant a security deposit of $______________ to
cover damages beyond normal wear and tear, unpaid rent, and unpaid utilities. The security deposit will
be returned to Subtenant within thirty (30) days of the termination of this Sublease, provided that the
Premises are returned in good condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and that there is no unpaid
rent or unpaid utility bills owing by Subtenant. If any deductions are made from the security deposit for
damages or unpaid rent or utility bills, Tenant will provide Subtenant with a statement explaining all
such deductions.

7.      PREMISES INSPECTION REPORT & INVENTORY LIST. At the time Subtenant takes possession
of the Premises, Tenant (or Tenant’s agent) and Subtenant shall inspect the Premises and complete the
attached Premises Inspection Report & Inventory List.

8.        ORIGINAL HEAD LEASE. This Sublease incorporates and is subject to the Head Lease between
Tenant and Landlord, a copy of which is attached hereto, and which is incorporated herein by reference
as if it were set out here at length. Subtenant agrees to assume all of the obligations and responsibilities of
Tenant under the Head Lease for the duration of the term of this Sublease.

9.      ENTIRE AGREEMENT. The parties hereby agree that this Agreement (including all schedules
and attachments hereto, which are incorporated herein and form a part hereof) contains the entire
agreement between the parties and this Sublease shall not be modified, changed, altered or amended in
any way except through a written amendment signed by all of the parties hereto. Any oral
representations made at the time of executing this lease are not legally valid, and therefore, are not
binding upon either party.

10.      GOVERNING LAW. This Sublease shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the
laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any legal actions, claims or demands shall be handled in a
court of competent jurisdiction within such State.

11.     INTERPRETATION. The words “Tenant” and “Subtenant” as used herein include the plural as
well as the singular. The pronouns used herein shall include, where appropriate, either gender or both,
singular and plural.

12.    GUARANTEE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN. If Subtenant is under 18 years of age, then his/her
parent or legal guardian must sign the attached Co-Signer Agreement, and guarantee and agree to
perform all of Subtenant’s obligations and covenants under this Sublease and the Head Lease.

13.    LANDLORD APPROVAL. This Sublease is not binding upon either party unless approved by
Landlord as provided below.

14.     NOTICES. All notices required or permitted to be given pursuant to this Agreement shall be
delivered by hand to the party for which it is intended, or sent by regular post, or transmitted by
facsimile, telegram, electronic email or other form of transmitted or electronic message, or sent by
prepaid courier directly to such party at the following addresses, respectively:

        TO TENANT:
        [facsimile number]

        at the Premises address

        TO LANDLORD:
        [facsimile number]

or at such other address as any party may from time to time designate in writing to the other parties. Any
notice del
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