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            A joint initiative of UN, ILO and World Bank                                 20
                                                                                          April - May - June 2009

                                                                            c o n t e n t s
            Dear Reader of the YEN Newsletter,

                                                                                                 YEN is a global platform of action
            The second quarter of the year was extremely busy thanks                             dedicated to developing and imple-
            to the hard work of the YEN team!                                                    menting strategies that give young
                                                                                                 people everywhere a real chance to
            In May, the Africa Commission under the chairmanship of                              find decent and productive work.
            the Danish Prime Minister approved the youth entrepre-
                                                                                                 YEN’s work is made possible thanks
            neurship program jointly submitted by YEN and the ILO.
                                                                                                 to support from the Swedish Interna-
            It will be a big opportunity for us to expand some of our
            products like the competitive grant scheme and our Eval-                             tional Development Agency (Sida).
            uation Clinics to more African countries.
                                                                                                 We welcome both feedback and con-
            In June, the winners of the competitive grant scheme for                             tributions to this newsletter:
            youth led organizations in the Mano River Union were an-                   
            nounced. Fifteen innovative proposals on how to combat
            youth employment were selected. The letters of agree-
            ment are being finalized over the next days – congratula-            1            Editorial: YEN Manager
            tions to the winners. We look forward to seeing the launch
            of these projects which will be accompanied by piece on
                                                                                2                IN                   Winner’s of YEN’s
            CNN featuring one of the Grant Scheme winners.                                              FOCUS         Grant Sceme

            In July, the first Evaluation Clinic of YEN took place in Da-
            mascus, Syria. Two youth employment programs from the                         Youth Employment Public-Private
            Middle East served as live cases to design impact evalua-
                                                                                3         Partnerships Fair
            tions. The specific task was to show how to conduct low
                                                                                          Private Sector Demand for Youth Labour
            cost evaluations for relatively small projects – a challenge
            for which we do not yet find sufficient case studies.
                                                                                3         in Senegal and Ghana

            Finally, we came out with the final version of a study as-          4             YEN Evaluation Clinic
            sessing private sector demand for youth labour in Sene-
            gal and Ghana asking 750 enterprises about their plans to
            hire and the main barriers for recruiting more youth – very         5 SPOT LIGHT:                    Kimmie Weeks and YAI
            important primary data to improve the design of future
            employment programs.                                                5         Update on Revised Lead Country Process

            Best wishes,
                                                                                6             Youth Employment Training Courses at ITC

                                                                                6         Unemployment in Brazil
            Markus Pilgrim
                                                                                          Ikatu International
            YEN Manager
                                                                                              News from the Secretariat
                                      April - May - June 2009


    Winners o f YEN’ s Inaugural
    Grants Announced
                                                                                                       Round of
    The winner’s of YEN’s inaugural round         plications were received from the 4       The winning projects demonstrated
    of grants for the Multi-stakeholder           countries resulting in 6% of applica-     an innovative approach to project
    Programme for Productive and De-              tions receiving grants.                   design, combining well defined and
    cent Work for Youth in MRU coun-                                                        quantifiable project outcomes with
    tries were officially announced this          The selected projects aim to serve a      a realistic plan for sustainability. The
    month. Fifteen projects have been             combined total of 2486 direct ben-        following 15 selected projects offer a
    chosen by a regional selection com-           eficiaries and were selected under 5      small glimpse into the creativity that
    mittee made up of representatives             thematic windows: Vocational train-       was sought amongst grant recipi-
    from government, youth groups, and            ing, Entrepreneurship, Community          ents. Full details of selected projects
    multilateral agencies. The selected           projects and services, Economic em-       will be made available on the YEN
    projects include 4 from Côte d’Ivoire,        powerment of young women and              website.
    3 from Guinea, 4 from Liberia and 4           Transition from school to work.
    from Sierra Leone. In total 270 ap-
    Country         Organization                  Name of the Project                 Type of Project                 Amount (USD)
    Côte d'Ivoire   Fraternité-Solidarité-        Elevage et production d’escargot   Economic empowerment of                  7'582
                    Jeunesse Côte d'Ivoire        géants d’Afrique                   young women
    Côte d'Ivoire   Gnihonde                      Construction de 30 fumoirs de      Economic empowerment of                 38'088
                                                  poissons                           young women
    Côte d'Ivoire   Union des Jeunes de           Assainissement des plages/         Community projects and                  24'005
                    l'ILOT (U.J.I.V.) Port        activités touristiques             services
    Côte d'Ivoire   Comité de Suivi à             Programme pilote de réduction de Community projects and                    50'000
                    l’Action Citoyenne            la pauvreté                      services
    Guinea          Guinée Initiatives Pour       Vulgarisation et de             Economic empowerment of                    23'839
                    le Développement              Commercialisation du Moringa    young women
                    (G.U.I.D.E )                  Oléïféra
    Guinea          SOS MISKINES                  Recyclage des déchets plastique Community projects and                     49'755
    Guinea          AVGRN                         Projet de reboisement           Community projects and                     45'429
    Liberia         Youth Education               Job Shop - Empowering Youth to Transition from school to work              45'075
                    Foundation Initiative         Access the Labor Market
                    (YEFI) Inc.
    Liberia         Youth Action                  Center for Women Empowerment Economic empowerment of                       32'700
                    International, Inc                                          young women
    Liberia         iEARN-Liberia                 Creative Arts for Sustainable Vocational training for young                 4'157
                                                  Empowerment (CASE)            people
    Liberia         Better Future                 Bricks for Life Project (BLP) Transition from school to work               29'560
                    Foundation, Inc
    Sierra Leone    Democracy and                 Kailahun Field Researchers         Transition from school to work          24'408
                    Improvement Associates
    Sierra Leone    Klin Salone Waste             Employment Promotion and           Youth entrepreneurship                  23'595
                    Management Association        Private Waste Management
    Sierra Leone    Kafoima Youth                 Mapaki Youth Training and          Vocational training for young           49'155
                    Development                   Manufacturing Centre               people
    Sierra Leone    Kenema District Youth         Women in sustainable bee-          Economic empowerment of                 22'843
                    Development Agency            keeping activities                 young women

                                       April - May - June 2009


           Employment Public-Private
   Youtherships Fair
   Par tn
    As the key driver for economic growth          •	 The largest Senegalese mineral                their social responsibility agenda and
    and job creation, it is essential that               water distributor Kirène launched          as a contribution to their core busi-
    the private sector in West Africa takes              partnership talks with the Dakar           ness practices, there are not enough
    the lead in finding solutions to the re-             based Synapse Centre to sponsor            venues for business’s to become en-
    gion’s youth employment challenge.                   Synapse’s annual “Employment               gaged. The private sector represen-
    On 9 and 10 June 2009, YEN’s Office                  Marathon”. Kirène was also in-             tatives called on government’s, NGOs
    for West Africa joined its partners at               terested in recruiting graduates           and multilateral institutions to reach
    Microsoft and                                            of Synapse Centre’s Promise            out to them.
    Planetfinance                                            Programme.
    to host the re-                                                                                 A press conference was also held
    gion’s first ever                                            •	       Microsoft agreed to       during the event to announce the
    Public Private                                               extend their assistance to         launching of YEN’s new publication
    Par tnerships                                                the NGO Planetfinance to           “Building the Case for Business Col-
    Fair for Youth                                               train local microfinance insti-    laboration on Youth Employment”.
    Employment.                                                  tutions in new information         Joining YEN in the press conference
    The objective                                                technologies. Microsoft also       were Microsoft’s Chairmen for West
    of the event                                                 initiated discussions to grant     Africa, M Ibrahim Youssry, Synapse
    was to launch                                                financing to the NGOs CRESP        Centre’s Director Ciré Kane and the
    new partner-                                                 and RECEC.                         Director of Senegal’s Youth Employ-
    ships between                                                                                   ment Agency, Mr. Khafour Touré. The
    NGOs work-                                                   •	  The Senegalese Pub-            panel referred to youth as “Africa’s
    ing on youth                                              lic Works and Construction            biggest natural resource for econom-
    e m p l oy m e nt                                        Agency (ETPB) discussed a              ic growth and prosperity” and called
    and their counterparts in the world                  proposal from the NGO Synergie             on business to increase investment
    of business. By the end of the work-                 Banlieue to train suburban youth           into the development of the region’s
    shop, plans for 5 new youth employ-                  in the construction industry.              youth.
    ment projects were being discussed.
    Here is a sample of some of the po-            The event demonstrated that while                For more information on the work-
    tential new partnerships:                      companies understand the impor-                  shop contact Drew Gardiner at gar-
                                                   tance of youth employment both for     

   Private Sector Demand for Youth
   in Sen egal and Ghan a
   Many of the youth entering West Af-            private sector demand for youth la-              striking result of the study?
   rican labour markets every year can-           bour. Based on a competitive tender
   not find formal employment. At the             YEN and IYF contracted FocusAfrica,              I was very surprised that life skills
   same time the private sector contin-           a young West African management                  would be ranked as such a critical is-
   ues to state very strongly that the            consultancy firm, teamed with the                sue for private sector employers. I ex-
   large gap between the skills needed            Institute of Statistical, Social and             pected to see technical skills as more
   by firms and those available on the            Economic Research, University of                 critical.
   market is a strong deterrent to youth          Ghana.
   employment. Does the gap really ex-                                                             Do the companies interviewed by
   ist or is it just an excuse not to hire        YEN interviewed the managing di-                 you offer any vacancies to youth
   more youth?                                    rector of FocusAfrica, Madjiguene                and if yes what are sectors that of-
                                                  Sock, on the key findings of the study           fer opportunities?
   In an effort to address this critical is-      which is based on interviews with 750
   sue YEN and the International Youth            companies in Ghana and Senegal.                  Yes they do. In Ghana, a total of 3,624
   Foundation joined forces and re-                                                                potential job openings are available
   sources to commission a study on               Madji, what is for you the most                  (376 formal enterprises) for 2009. A

                                      April - May - June 2009


    majority of the opportunities will be         Ghana, the ability to demonstrate                to be high on the agenda. And per-
    in agriculture, business process out-         high levels of literacy, independence,           haps this is not to be considered at
    sourcing, and financial services. In          IT and analytical skills, and initiative.        the post high-school level only but
    Senegal, 290 formal enterprises plan                                                           well before.
    to hire 3,490 young people in 2009,           Can you see any impact of the                    What has been your experience in
    mainly in construction, business              world economic crisis on plans to                setting up your own consultancy
    process outsourcing, agriculture, im-         hire?                                            firm in your home county after
    port-export, and security services. It                                                         having worked 13 years in the US?
    is important to note that for Senegal,        Not at this point. Companies are still
    more than half the jobs are part-time         recruiting but remain very cautious.             I work mostly with young people less
    or seasonal.                                                                                   than 34 and have seen their energy
                                                  What are the implications of the                 and incredible will to succeed. I am
    What are the main barriers of com-            study for the design of programs                 very confident that Africa’s youth can
    panies to hire more youth?                    aiming to improve youth employ-                  address the challenges head on.
    In Senegal, life skills and professional                                                       The Report can be accessed by click-
    maturity are the major barriers. In           It was clear to us that soft skills need         ing here

     YEN Evaluation Clinic in Dam ascus
    In an effort to broaden the evidence           The first case study came from Sha-            The event provided a unique oppor-
    base for “what works” in improving             bab’s Business Clinic Programme                tunity for evaluation specialists and
    employment outcomes for youth,                 (BCP). As a result of consultations dur-       academics to collaborate with field
    YEN brought togeth-                                                       ing the Clin-       practitioners thereby providing in-
    er a team of evalua-                                                      ic,        BCP      sights into the constraints faced at
    tion specialists from                                                     adapted its         the project level in conducting rig-
    its core partners at                                                      e va l u at i o n   orous evaluations. These constraints
    ILO, World Bank and                                                       plan to use         include not only a lack of resources,
    UN with employ-                                                           a “Construct-       time and data but also low levels of
    ment practitioners                                                        ed Matched          project beneficiaries meaning evalu-
    from the Middle                                                           Control” de-        ation outcomes could lack statistical
    East to share best                                                        sign which,         relevance. Consensus was reached
    practice in conduct-                                                      due to con-         among evaluation experts and prac-
    ing rigorous evalua-                                                      straints in         titioners that smaller sized projects
    tions. The Clinic was                                                     randomly            can provide relevant evidence on
    hosted by the Syria                                                       selecting           successful employment promotion
    Trust for Development’s Shabab Pro-            participants, was considered more              outcomes and should be encour-
    gramme in Damascus as part of the              appropriate than the originally                aged. It was also agreed that more
    World Banks’s Global Partnership on            planned experimental design. The               work is needed to develop method-
    Youth Employment and Employabil-               second case study came from the Jor-           ologies for “second best”, non experi-
    ity.                                           dan River Foundation’s Youth Career            mental evaluations.
                                                   Initiative (YCI). YCI traditionally used
    The group of 30 participants includ-           before and after project compari-              The broad support and success of the
    ed both Jordanian and Syrian Labour            son groups to evaluate the impact              event lead participants and resource
    Ministries, consultancy firms, aca-            of their projects. Given the massive           people to call on YEN to organize
    demics and youth employment proj-              excess demand for YCI’s product, the           subsequent Clinics. YEN plans to
    ect managers. The concept for the              Clinic’s resource people suggested             organize Clinics for other regions
    Clinic was unique in that it allowed           that YCI use an experimental design            including East Africa.
    participants to apply impact evalua-           where participants and a control
    tion methodologies to live case stud-          group are randomly selected after              A report for the event will be avail-
    ies in the process of designing their          going through an initial screening             able in 2 weeks. For more information
    evaluation plans.                              process by YCI project managers and            contact Drew Gardiner at gardiner@
                                                   participating hotels.                

                                     April - May - June 2009


       SPOT LIGHT: Kimmie Weeks and Youth
                   Action Intern ation al
                         Youth Action In-           mane Order of African Redemption in         ment?
                         ternational is a           Liberia, all before the age of 25.
                         global nonprofit                                                       Youth Action International’s entire
                         organization               YEN had the chance to interview Kim-        mission is dedicated to education and
                         working in Libe-           mie and present his thoughts on the         economic empowerment for young
                         ria to improve             future for Liberian youth:                  people. Our vision is to open train-
                         the opportuni-                                                         ing centers, business development
                         ties for young             So much has been said about the             skills centers, job resource centers etc
                         women to find              devastating effects of 5 years of           across the country that help young
                         decent employ-             civil war on Liberia’s youth, how can       woman gain decent employment. I
     ment and start their own business.             the perspectives for Liberia youth          can think of no challenge more criti-
     YAI was recently accepted to the               to find decent jobs be improved?            cal and timely. YAI has been granting
     shortlist of candidates to receive                                                         training and small business grants to
     a grant under YEN’s first round of             This is a major concern for anybody         young Liberians to start and scale up
     Competitive Grant Scheme for youth             looking at long term peace, stabil-         their business for many years now.
     lead organizations in the Mano River           ity and development in Liberia. The         Two of our young graduates include
     Union. YAI has proposed the creation           country currently has an extremely          Mamie H. and Princess K. who both re-
     of a Center for Women Empower-                 high unemployment rate. Some data           ceived small business grants of $200 in
     ment in Monrovia. The Center for               puts it at 70-80%. A majority of those      2006. Today Mamie H. has a business
     Women Empowerment will use basic               unemployed are young people.            I   worth around $2,500 while Princess K
     education, alternative counseling,             strongly believe that by helping to         has three businesses worth more than
     vocational training, and micro-credit          foster a spirit of local innovation, and    $7,000.
     loans to alleviate the negative im-            entrepreneurship we can encourage
     pact the civil war has had on young            self employment across the country.         Kimmie and YAI’s work will be featured
     women in Liberia.                              In addition, we need a heavy focus          as part of a CNN International series
                                                    on vocational training, education etc.      “Africa Voices”. The piece will highlight
     YAI was started and is inspired by             The jobs might not be here now, but if      YAI ongoing work with YEN and UNI-
     acclaimed youth activist Kimmie                they came tomorrow would Liberians          DO’s Programme Decent and Produc-
     Weeks, a survivor of the Liberian Civil        be prepared? Not unless we can de-          tive work for youth in the Mano River
     War. After having survived enormous            velop a skilled workforce.                  Union. The piece is set to air in late
     personal tragedy, Kimmie has gone                                                          July. For more information visit http://
     on to receive the 2007 Golden Brick            How is your organization, Youth Ac-
     Award and has been decorated the               tion International, contributing to         ricanvoices/
     Knight Grand Commander in the Hu-              the fight against youth unemploy-

     Lead Country Process update
     In April 2009, the YEN Secretariat fin-        cy and institutional progress made in       the Democratic Republic of Congo,
     ished the revision of the Lead Coun-           the area of youth employment.               Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Mali, Nige-
     try Process, its flagship product for                                                      ria, Rwanda, Senegal, Syria, Togo, Tur-
     the promotion of youth employment              The YEN has invited all 21 Lead Coun-       key, and the United Kingdom.
     around the globe. In the future, YEN           tries to renew their status under the
     lead countries will periodically report        conditions of the revised Process. By       More information on the lead coun-
     on a small set of standarized youth            mid July, 12 countries had positively       try process and its new framework
     labor market indicators, helping to            answer this call and expressed their        of benefits and commitments can be
     monitor their performance on youth             interest for maintaining a strong           found at or by con-
     employment and providing targets               commitment in the development               tacting Susana Puerto -Gonzalez at
     to aim for. In addition, countries will        of employment opportunities for   
     provide specific information on poli-          young people. These countries are:

                                      April - May - June 2009


           International Training Centre
    ILO’s TwoCourses on Youth Employment
    The ILO’s International Training Cen-          Europe and GTZ. The course will take        in partnership with the International
    tre (ITC) will offer two courses on            place at the ITC in Turin, Italy from 5 –   Programme on the Elimination of
    youth development later this year.             9 October 2009.                             Child Labour (IPEC), the Understand-
    “Building Effective Youth Investment           The second course “Conducting Im-           ing Children’s Work (UCW) Project, the
    Programs: Issues for Project Design”           pact Evaluations of Development Pro-        Youth Employment Network (YEN),
    is a one week inter-agency course              grams: An application to ALMPs, CCTs        the Youth Employment Programme
    offering a unique learning experi-             and Training for Youth” aims to intro-      (YEP) and the World Bank. The course
    ence on how to support the design              duce participants to the concepts           will take place at the ITC from 16 – 20
    of youth interventions in the area             and methods for conducting impact           November 2009.
    of youth citizenship, youth employ-            evaluations of youth employment
    ment and adolescent health. The                programs enabling participants to           For more information on the cours-
    course builds on practical lessons             identify and apply appropriate meth-        es, including application forms and
    learned from country experiences as            ods of impact evaluation. Detailed          sponsorship opportunities, please
    well as from technical assistance pro-         case studies will be reviewed to allow      visit the ITC website or contact Ms.
    grams delivered by the ILO, UNICEF,            for practical application of method-        Michela Ripandelli at m.ripandelli@
    the World Bank, WHO, the Council of            ologies. The course is being offered

                     Rate Among Young
    Unemploymenttimes higher than adults
    Brazilians is3.2
    Report published by ILO and the               Inequalities are noteworthy with re-         and meso integrated interventions
    National Youth Council                        spect to all the other labour market         dealing with both the demand and
                                                  dimensions. While youth unemploy-            the supply side, and including social
    At the beginning of July, within the          ment (16.8%) is almost three times the       protection, quantity, quality and ac-
    framework of the Latin American               adult rate, the rate varies substantial-     cess to education, and respect for
    based PREJAL project, the ILO-Brazil          ly between young men and women               youth labour rights are called upon.
    office presented to Constituents and          and depending on the race. Similarly,        Brazil became a YEN Lead Country in
    to the general public the study “De-          while 58% percent of the total youth         2003, submitting a National Action
    cent Work for Youth in Brazil”. The           workers appear to be informally em-          Plan on Youth Employment to the UN
    study presents an in-depth analysis           ployed, informal employment affects          General Assembly in 2005. Brazil’s fo-
    of the situation of youth employment          disproportionally the less educated,         cal point agency for the Lead Coun-
    in the country, focusing, in particular,      the women and the non white youth            try Process is the Ministry of Work
    on the qualitative aspects of employ-         population. Amongst the 18% per-             and employment.
    ment.                                         cent of youth neither in education
                                                  nor employment”, a majority is rep-          The report is available (in Portuguese
    Overall, the 34 million youth in the          resented by young girls engaged in           only) at:
    country enjoy today better possibili-         unremunerated household activities.          topic/decent_work/doc/news_9.
    ties in access to education than their        The report concludes that a total of         pdf
    predecessors. Nonetheless, inequali-          more than 14 million youth seem to
    ties remain considerable, in particu-         suffer from decent work deficit be-          For more information, contact Diego
    lar those related to the income, race,        cause they are either unemployed             Rei at
    geographical region and the urban/            or employed informally. To tackle the
    rural divide.                                 situation effectively a series of macro

                                    April - May - June 2009


    Ikatu International
    A New Player on the Youth Employment Scen e
    Ikatu International is an emerging           to the market.
    nonprofit organization based in De-          To facilitate this approach, Ikatu will      We are committed to making evi-
    von, Pennsylvania, whose goal is to          act as an intermediary to connect            denced based strategic decisions and
    create employment opportunities for          national youth policy and strategy           focused on investing in operational
    young populations in Sub-Saharan             to field practitioner work, increas-         processes defined by reusable re-
    Africa using a Youth Employment Pro-         ing YEP intervention effectiveness.          search, methodologies, and tools, all
    motion (YEP) approach. Our analysis          Additionally, we will support other          available upon request. Ikatu is Gua-
    of global YEP concludes that many            intermediaries like youth network            rani for “Yes I Can”, a translation that
    initiatives only focus on promoting          organizations and advocacy groups            speaks to both our organization and
    the employability of the labor supply        to create a ripe environment for YEP         the belief system we hope to implant
    like TVET and entrepreneurship train-        interventions to flourish. Where de-         in those we provide programming
    ing. Ikatu’s interventions will begin        mand side and M&M interventions              for and the supporting cast vital to
    in Ghana’s urban environments cre-           do not exist, Ikatu will drive their cre-    our success.
    ating a demand for labor, like sup-          ation. To solidify our initial program-
    porting entrepreneurial growth and           matic efforts and galvanize an often         For a more detailed information
    expanding job opportunities. Ad-             siloed field, Ikatu hopes to flush out       packet, partnership opportunities, or
    ditionally, Ikatu will concentrate on        Ghana’s urban specific YEP issues by         just to reach out, please contact:
    matchmaking and mediation (M&M)              interviewing hundreds of business,
    interventions that facilitate informa-       government, NGO, and youth com-              Eric D. Rassman, Deputy Director
    tion exchange between labor supply           munity leaders and then convening  
    and demand and bring transparency            these leaders to discuss findings. 

                 for t
    Launches its
    The Africa Commission, under the              with the ILO on delivering Initiative      sourced to a microfinance institution
    Chairmanship of the Danish Prime              4 “Unleashing Africa Entrepreneur-         is also envisioned. The Commission
    Minister met for a 3rd time on May 6          ship”. As part of the programme, it        will make available USD 40 million
    2009 to finalize its Report and Recom-        is forseen that ILO will offer entre-      for four years.
    mendations for effective development          preneurship training and business
    cooperation with Africa. The meeting          plan competitions while YEN will fo-       The final report can be accessed here:
    served to launch 5 ambitious initia-          cus on results measurement and a           Africa Commission Final Report
    tives aimed a creating employment             Competitive Grant Scheme for Youth
    for African youth. YEN will cooperate         Organizations. A guarantee fund out-

    News from the secret ariat
                           Sara      Spant,       Sara was an inspiration to the entire      for youth arts and culture. Maria pre-
                           Technical    Of-       Network combining expert technical         viously worked as a consultant for the
                           ficer and Focal        skills on employment with a passion        European Commission Delegation in
                           Point for the          for youth development and gender           Mali on the set up of a migration/
                           Grant Scheme           issues. We wish Sara all the best in her   employment information project. In
                           has left YEN to        new career.                                addition to Maria’s managerial tasks
                           join the Swed-                                                    at YEN, she was also responsible for
                           ish Internation-       Maria Mclaughlin, Subregional Co-          coordinating the Private Sector Ini-
                           al Development         ordinator for YEN’s West Africa Office     tiative promoting the engagement
                           Agency (Sida)          in Dakar, Senegal has left YEN to take     of the private sector on youth em-
    after 4.5 years. Before joining YEN           up consultancy position with the Eu-       ployment in West Africa.
    Sara spent 2 years with the ILO Sub re-       ropean Commission Delegation in
    gional Office for East Asia in Bangkok.       South Africa on a grants programme


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