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South Dakota Tenant Agreement for Alterations to Rental Unit


South Dakota tenants, get your landlord's consent to do alterations to your rental unit with this Agreement for Tenant Alterations. - The tenant must use only the materials and procedures agreed to by the landlord. - The tenant waives all claims against the landlord for injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of the work. - This template contains alternate provisions regarding ownership of the alterations at the end of the tenancy, depending on whether the alterations are removable. If they're removable, they belong to the tenant. If not, they belong to the landlord. - The landlord will reimburse the tenant for materials and for labor, up to a maximum number of hours. Reimbursement will either be made by direct payment to the tenant, or by setting it off against the rent. This South Dakota Agreement for Tenant Alterations to Rental Unit is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your circumstances.

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THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                        [NAME OF LANDLORD]

                                                 - and -

                                          [NAME OF TENANT]

WHEREAS         Landlord   is    the    owner       of      the      Rental    Unit       located   at
___________________________________________ [insert street address], ____________ [city], South Dakota
(the “Rental Unit”);

AND WHEREAS under a [Lease / Rental Agreement] dated __________ [insert date], Tenant occupies the
Rental Unit;

AND WHEREAS Tenant wishes to make certain alterations to the Rental Unit, and Landlord has agreed
to allow such alterations;

NOW THEREFORE Landlord and Tenant hereby agree to the following terms:

1.     Tenant may make the following alterations (hereinafter referred to as the “Work”) to the Rental

       (a)     [list alterations to be done]

2.     Tenant will use the following materials and procedures to complete the Work:

       (a)     [list materials and procedures]

3.     Tenant confirms that he/she is competent and capable of carrying out the Work or, alternatively,
       will hire contractors that are competent and capable of carrying out the Work. Tenant further
       confirms that he/she is not an employee or sub-contractor of Landlord, even if Tenant receives a
       rent credit for Work completed.

4.     Tenant waives all claims against Landlord for any injury incurred by Tenant, a contractor, or any
       other person engaged in completing the Work.

5.     Tenant will perform only the Work listed in Paragraph 1, using only the materials and
       procedures set out in Paragraph 2.

6.     The alterations carried out by Tenant will: [choose the appropriate option and delete the other choice]
       Become Landlord’s property and shall not be removed by Tenant during or at the end of the

       Be considered Tenant’s personal property and, as such, may be removed by Tenant at any time
       up to the end of the tenancy. Tenant agrees to return the Rental Unit to its original condition
       upon removal of the alterations.

7.     Landlord will reimburse Tenant for the following costs: [delete those that do not apply]
       (a)    the cost of materials used in Paragraph 2;
       (b)    labor costs at a rate of ________ Dollars per hour ($_______/hr) for Work done in a
              workmanlike manner acceptable to Landlord, up to a maximum of _________ 
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