Florida Notice of Default on Mortgage Payment

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For the State of Florida

[Lender’s name and address]

[defaulting party’s name and address]

Dear ____________________________,

This notice is to inform you that we have not yet received your periodic mortgage payment of
_____________ dollars ($_____________), which was due on the ________ day of
__________________, _________. If you have not yet made your payment, please do so

You are currently, or will soon be, in default of our mortgage agreement. This is notice that you
must cure this default by bringing your mortgage current, no later than the __________ day of
______________________, ___________.

Should you fail to bring your first mortgage current by the date set forth above, there will be an
acceleration of the sums secured by this mortgage, foreclosure by judicial proceeding, and
eventual sale of the property. In the foreclosure proceeding, you have the right to assert the non-
existence of a default or any other defense to acceleration and foreclosure.

[delete the following section if not applicable]
Additionally, on default, it is my intent to exercise the rights detailed in the Rented Property
Addendum. I exercise specifically the right to collect all rents from [this/these]
Description: Florida lenders, if a borrower has failed to make a mortgage payment on time, serve them with this Notice of Default on Mortgage Payment. - The Notice of Default sets out the details of the payment, and the date by which it must be made. - If the borrower fails to make the payment by that date, the full amount of the mortgage will become payable, and the lender will commence foreclosure proceedings. - Buy the form once, and it's yours to use as often as you require. This Florida Notice of Default on Mortgage Payment is in MS Word format, and is easy to download, edit and print.
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