Ohio Special Warranty Deed

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When recorded, please return this deed and tax statements to:

Name: ______________________________
Address: ____________________________

                               SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that __________________________________ [name of grantor],
[married / unmarried] of ____________________________________________________________ [address of
grantor] (“Grantor”), for valuable consideration paid, grant(s) with limited warranty covenants to
_________________________________         [name   of    grantee],   [married     /    unmarried]      of
_____________________________________________________________ [address of grantee] (“Grantee”), the
following described REAL PROPERTY:

        [Give legal description of property]

        Situated in the State of Ohio, County of _____________________ and City of ________________

        Prior Instrument Reference:
        Parcel Number:
        Property Address:

Subject to all easements, conditions, restrictions, and reservations of record and all zoning and legal

And Grantor, for Grantor and Grantor’s heirs and assigns does covenant to warrant and defend the
Premises hereby granted against the lawful claims of persons claiming by, through, or under Grantor, but
not otherwise. The warranties passing to Grantee hereunder are limited solely to those matters arising
from acts of the Grantor, occurring solely during the period of Grantor’s ownership of the subject real

All words and phrases contained in this instrument, including any attachments, are to be construed in
singular, plural, masculine, feminine or neuter 
Description: Transfer ownership of an Ohio real estate property with this Ohio Special Warranty Deed. Under the Special Warranty Deed, the seller (the grantor): - conveys title to the property over to the buyer (the grantee), - relinquishes all interest in the property, and - promises to warrant and defend the buyer's title, but only against claims claimed by, through, or under the grantor. This Ohio Special Warranty Deed form is provided in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in and print.
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