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India Power of Attorney to Collect Debts by Megadox


Appoint an attorney to collect and settle debts for you in India with this Power of Attorney to Collect Debts. This Power of Attorney form gives your agent (attorney) the power to take action to recover loans and debts owing to you by customers of your business. The attorney has the authority to: - demand payment of outstanding accounts, - commence legal action for nonpayment, - launch insolvency or liquidation proceedings, - sign documents, - file a defence against legal action taken against you, - retain legal counsel, - appoint a substitute attorney and delegate powers to him. This Indian Power of Attorney to Collect Debts template contains instructions for completing and validating the form, for both Indian residents and expatriates.

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									                   POWER OF ATTORNEY TO COLLECT DEBTS (INDIA)

TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, I, Mr. ________________________ of
______________________, residing at ________________________________ SEND GREETINGS.

WHEREAS in the course of my business, I have several amounts due and payable to me from others
in the form of advances, loans, account payments, or deposits arising out of sale and purchase of

AND WHEREAS I am unable to take necessary action to recover the said debts, I propose to appoint
Mr. _________________________, residing at ________________________ as my Attorney or Agent to
do all acts, deeds and things in the behalf in which he has agreed.

appoint, nominate, and constitute the said Mr. _________________________ to by my true and lawful
Attorney with all authority to do and execute the following acts, deeds, and things in my name and
on my behalf, that is to say:

To demand and recover all debts and other amounts due or payable to me on any account from any
person or persons, including any corporate, Government, local or other authority and to give valid
receipt or discharge for the same.

To commence, institute, file or continue suits, petitions, or any other legal action against any such
debtor to recover the debts or other amounts due and payable by him to me, in any Court of Law,
Tribunal, or any other judicial, quasi-judicial or executive authority.

To compromise, compound, settle, or adjust any debt or other amount due and payable to me by any
such person on such terms and conditions as the Attorney may see fit.

To carry out any insolvency or liquidation proceedings against any person who is indebted to me for
any amount.

For the purpose aforesaid, to sign, declare, and file plaints, petitions, applications, affidavits and any
other papers required to be filed in any Court or Tribunal in any such legal proceedings.

To defend, answer or oppose any legal action taken against me in the matter of any debt due to me or
alleged to be due by me in any Court or Tribunal.

To appoint any advocate or advocates for the purpose aforesaid, and to sign Vakalatnama in his or
their favour and to change him or them if required and to settle and pay their fees.

To refer any dispute regarding any debt or other amount due to me or alleged to be due by me to
arbitration to one or more arbitrators as required and file statements of claims or defences and
documents, to give oral evidence, and to conduct such activities personally or through an advocate
and to sign the agreement for reference to arbitrators.

                                                           Signature of Maker

To appoint a substitute or substitutes for recovering any particular debt or other amounts due to me
and to delegate to him all or any of the power herein contained, as the Attorney deems fit.

                                                         Signature of Maker
AND GENERALLY, to do and execu
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