India Special Power of Attorney for Court Case

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TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME, I _________________________, son of
__________________, resident of _______________________, SEND GREETINGS:

WHEREAS I am unable to attend to my court case in person, I wish to appoint fit and proper persons
to carry on the case in my absence.

NOW KNOW YE AND THESE PRESENTS WITNESS that I, the above named _________________,
do hereby appoint, nominate, and constitute ______________________, son of ________________,
resident of _____________________, to be my true and lawful attorney, to do and execute, in my name
and on my behalf, all or any of the following acts, deeds, and things in connection with case No.
_____________________ pending before the __________________ [insert the court/tribunal in which the
case is being heard] (hereinafter referred to as “the Case”), in which I am the _____________
[plaintiff/defendant/appellant, etc.], that is to say:

To appoint a Senior Counsel to conduct the case.

To present himself on my behalf and move the application/applications in connection with the
proceedings of the case.

To deposit any amount or take refund of any amount in connection with the proceedings of the case.

To file a stay application and, on obtaining a stay, file security to the satisfaction of the
________________ Officer [insert name of relevant Officer].

To obtain copies of papers required by the Senior Counsel and to hand them over to him to facilitate
proper argument.

AND GENERALLY, to do and execute all acts, deeds, and things necessary in connection with the
said court case.

AND I hereby agree that all lawful acts, deeds, and things done by the Attorney shall be deemed to
have been done by me and shall be binding on me.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I ___________________________ hereunto set and subscribed my hand and
signature at ____________________________, this _____ day of ___________________, 20____.

                                                   SIGNED AND DELIVERED by the within named
                                                   ______________ [insert name of maker]

                                                   Signature of Maker
In the presence of:




Accepted by the within na
Description: Appoint someone to act on your behalf in a court case in India during your absence with this India Special Power of Attorney. This Special Power of Attorney form gives your attorney the following powers: - the authority to retain legal counsel with respect to the legal action, - to make applications in court, - to deposit or accept payment of funds, - to obtain copies of documents,and - to sign legal papers with respect to the case on your behalf. This India Special Power of Attorney to Act in Court Case is provided in MS Word format, and is easy to download and use. It includes instructions for expatriates on how the form must be completed and signed in order to be valid in India.
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