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					                           CASH RENT FARM LEASE AGREEMENT
THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


        LANDLORD:                [name of Landlord] (the “Landlord”)
                                 [full address of Landlord]
                                 [phone number]

        TENANT:                  [name of Tenant] (the “Tenant”)
                                 [full address of Tenant]
                                 [phone number]

1.      Description of Premises

Landlord hereby rents and leases to Tenant, to occupy and to use for agricultural purposes only, the
following lands located in the County of __________________, in the State of Oregon, and described as

        [Give the legal description of the lands]

commonly known as the ___________________________ farm and consisting of approximately __________
acres, together with all buildings and improvements thereon belonging to Landlord, except
_________________________ [set out any land or buildings not being leased to Tenant]. The foregoing lands,
buildings and improvements are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Farm”.

2.      Term of Lease

This Lease shall commence on _________________[commencement date] for a term of ______ year(s), and
shall expire on ________________ [expiry date]. This Lease shall automatically renew upon expiration
from year to year, upon the same terms and conditions as expressed herein, unless either party gives due
and timely written notice of termination to the other party no later than ______ days prior to the
anniversary date of the lease in any year during the term.

3.      Rent

(a)     The annual cash rent shall be the sum of $ _________ per Lease year, calculated on the basis of
        _______ acres of cropland at $_______ per acre, plus ______________________________ [details].

(b)     Tenant agrees to pay the annual cash rent in installments as follows:

        Amount ($) or Percentage (%) Due               Due Date

(c)     All     rent     payments       hereunder   shall     be     made      to    Landlord    at
        ___________________________________ [insert address], or such other address as Landlord may
        from time to time designate in writing.

(d)   If any installment of rent is not paid when due, Tenant agrees to pay interest on the unpaid
      amount at the rate of ____ percent (___%) per annum from and including the due date to and
      including the date such unpaid amount is paid in full.

4.    Use of Premises

(a)   Tenant shall use the Farm for farming or agricultural purposes only. Tenant shall prepare and
      plant any crops in a timely fashion.

(b)   Tenant shall only be entitled to pasture or plow those portions of the Farm as designated by

(c)   Tenant agrees to farm the land in a good and husbandman-like manner, and to seek to obtain the
      best crop production that the soil and crop season will allow.

(d)   Harvest of any crops planted on the Farm shall be done in a timely fashion. If Tenant fails to do
      so, Landlord reserves the right, by himself or designated agents, to enter upon the Farm and
      properly care for and harvest all growing crops, charging the cost of care and harvest to Tenant,
      as part of the rent.

5.    Improvements

(a)   The costs of labor and materials for establishing hay or pasture, new conservation structures, or
      improvements (except as otherwise set out in other sections of this Lease) shall be divided
      between Landlord and Tenant as follows:

      Item                                               Landlord’s Percentage     Tenant’s Percentage
                                                                  ___%                     ___%
                                                                  ___%                     ___%
                                                                  ___%                     ___%
                                                                  ___%                     ___%
                                                                  ___%                     ___%
                                                                  ___%                     ___%
                                                                  ___%                     ___%
                                                                  ___%                     ___%

(b)   Tenant agrees to provide all unskilled labor required to maintain the Farm and its improvements
      during the term of this Lease in as good condition as it was in at the beginning of the term, except
      for normal wear and tear and depreciation and damage from causes beyond Tenant’s control.

(c)   Landlord agrees to furnish all materials and skilled labor required for normal maintenance and
      repairs to the Farm and its improvements. Landlord shall pay for any materials purchased by
      Tenant for such maintenance and repairs up to a maximum of $___________ in any one Lease
      year, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Landlord agrees to reimburse Tenant for such costs
      within _______ days after Tenant submits its receipts.

(d)   Tenant may, at Tenant’s sole expense, make minor improvements, provided that such
      improvements are of a temporary and/or removable nature and do not mar the condition or
      appearance of the Farm. Landlord agrees to allow Tenant to remove such improvements at the

        termination of the Lease, notwithstanding that such improvements are legally fixtures. Tenant
        shall have no right to compensation for improvements not removed except as mutually agreed
        between the parties.

(e)     Tenant shall not erect or permit to be erected on the Farm any permanent structure or building,
        or incur any expense to Landlord for such purposes, without Landlord’s prior written consent.

(f)     Tenant shall not add, remove or alter the electrical wiring, plumbing or heating to any structure
        on the Farm without Landlord’s prior written consent. If Landlord consents to such alterations,
        the work must be performed by a properly licensed electrical or plumbing contractor.

(g)     Landlord shall replace or repair, in a timely fashion, the dwelling or any other building regularly
        used by Tenant that may be damaged or destroyed by fire, flood or other cause beyond Tenant’s

(h)     Tenant agrees to maintain hedges and fences in good and proper repair.

(i)     Tenant agrees to maintain all wells, [windmills] and [irrigation/watering] systems on the Farm in
        good repair at Tenant’s expense, excepting such damage as caused by windstorm or weather.
        Landlord makes no guarantee, either express or implied, relative to continuous or adequate
        supplies of water for the Farm.

6.      Compensation for Crop Expenses
Description: OR landowners, lease your farm land to a tenant on a cash basis with this template Oregon Cash Rent Farm Lease. - The tenant agrees to pay the landlord a fixed annual rent, which can be paid in installments. - The tenant will provide all unskilled labor to run the farm, and the landlord will provide all skilled labor required for maintenance and repairs. - The tenant is responsible for weed control and soil erosion control. - The landlord will reimburse the tenant at the end of the lease for field work and crop costs for the next year's harvest. - The parties agree to binding arbitration in the event of a dispute. The Oregon Cash Rent Farm Lease is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your needs.
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