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					How can is it possible to treat azoospermia ? Once root cause of reproduction of seventh body tissue(shukra – sperm ) is diagnosed we give herb powder & tablets to balance male harmone .After seeing some spermatocytes in sement analysis sperm count goes on increasing to treat male infertility. Offcourse ayurvedic medicine having remedy for azoospermia problem This Remedies are also useful for male sexual problems There are still some of health problems,in which though there is enough medicine advancement but that problems remain unchallanced . azoospermia is one of the question . Ayurveda have fundamental answer & solution to this problem . We diagnose by ayurvedic principles & advise : Constitution specific 1) Diet - Lifestyle Management 2) Herb powder & Tablets 3) Purification Panchakarama Therapies By balancing root cause &cellular detoxification one can achive stability of his health very easily .Thats why many no. of patients world wide satiefied by this fundamental approach of safe & effective ayurvedic medicine Dr Sachin 9960224989,9767390537