Photographer Release Agreement for Minors by Megadox


Have a parent or guardian of an underage model sign this Photographer Release Agreement for Minors prior to a photo shoot.
- The purpose of this Agreement is to protect your ownership rights in the photographs you take.
- The parent (on behalf of the minor) consents to the photographer's use of the model's likeness, and grants the photographer an irrevocable perpetual worldwide right to use the photos for any purpose.
- The model releases the photographer from any claims or demands, including right to privacy.
- The model acknowledges that the compensation paid by the photographer constitutes full compensation for all future uses of the photos.
- The parent or guardian indemnifies and holds the photographer harmless from any losses incurred from any breach of the Agreement by the minor.
- You can re-use the form as often as you like. Just download it and save it as a template.
The Photographer Release Agreement for Minors is easy to customize for your photography business.

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									               MODEL AGREEMENT AND RELEASE (for minors)

                                    [NAME OF PHOTOGRAPHER]
                                       of ______________ [address]
      (hereinafter referred to as the “Photographer”, which term shall be deemed to include the
                           Photographer’s licensees, successors and assigns)

                                                  - and -

                                            (name of model)

                                          (address of model)
   (hereinafter referred to as the “Model”, which term shall be deemed to include the parent / legal
                                        guardian of the model)

                    Date of shoot / photograph:

    Description of shoot / photograph:

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency whereof is hereby acknowledged, and
the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth, the parties hereto agree as follows:

1.      Grant of Rights. The Model hereby gives over, grants and assigns to the Photographer the right,
authority and permission, to photograph, use, publish, reproduce, digitize, display, exhibit, project,
transmit, distribute, modify, change, sell, and otherwise make use of the Model’s appearance, likeness
and form for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to the sale, publication, display,
broadcast, and exhibition thereof, in promotion, advertising, trade and art, whether apart from or in
connection with, or illustrative of, any other matter, without any further compensation to the Model. The
Photographer shall have the right to exercise the foregoing rights with respect to the Model’s appearance,
likeness and form alone or in combination with other materials, including but not limited to text, data,
images, photographs, illustrations, graphics, animations, video, or audio elements of any nature, by any
methods or technologies, and in any media or form currently in use or hereafter coming into use,
including but not limited to electronic, magnetic, film, digital, laser, optical, or any other human or
machine readable media.

2.      Ownership of Materials. The Model agrees that all photographs, reproductions, and negatives
thereof shall constitute the Photographer’s sole property, and that the Photographer has the full right to
use and/or dispose of any or all of them in any manner whatsoever.

3.      Ownership and Approval of Products. The Photographer shall have the right to use the Model’s
appearance, likeness and form without limitation in connection with the creation, development,
production, manufacture, packaging, distribution, promotion and use of any machine-readable media,
print, broadcast or other media, computer programs, audiovisual displays, advertising, packaging,
artwork or other products, and including any copyrights, patents, trademarks and other intellectual
property rights therein and thereto (the “Products”). The Model further acknowledges that s/he does not
and shall not have any proprietary rights in any of the Products. The Model shall have no right of
approval over the creation, development, manufacture, promotion, distribution or sale of the Products, or
the manner of use or explo
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