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									                                 [NAME OF ORGANIZATION]
                                   VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT

Date:                   _____________________________

Name of Volunteer:      _____________________________

Address of Volunteer:   _____________________________


Phone No(s):            _____________________________


A.      [Name of Organization] (“Organization”) is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the
        laws of __________________, with a business address at __________________________, which was
        established for the purpose of __________________________.

B.      Volunteer is willing to donate his/her time, skills and labor for the benefit of the Organization,
        and the Organization wishes to accept Volunteer’s offer.

The parties agree that the following terms shall apply to the volunteer assignment.

1.      Position

The Organization hereby accepts Volunteer as a _______________________________ [describe volunteer’s
role] (the “Position”) and Volunteer hereby agrees to accept such Position. The purpose of the Position is
to ______________________________ [describe how the work will benefit the organization].

2.      Commencement; Termination

Volunteer’s assignment under this Agreement commences on __________ [insert date] and is expected to
continue until __________ [insert date], or such other date as the parties mutually agree. Either party may
terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason upon immediate notice, oral or written, to the other

3.      Scope of Work

Volunteer agrees to perform services under the direction and control of the Organization’s Director.
Volunteer will perform the following services:

4.      Hours of Work

Volunteer will perform the services required by the Position during the hours of _____________ [set out
the hours and also indicate specific days if appropriate, for instance, if the volunteer will only be working Tuesday
and Thursday evenings].

5.      Performance of Duties

Volunteer agrees to perform his/her role in the Position to the best of his/her ability, to follow the
directions of the Organization’s staff and to abide by its policies and procedures while carrying out the
duties of the Position. Volunteer acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Organization’s policies and
procedures manual at the time of signing this Agreement.

Volunteer understands that time commitments are important in order for the Director to prepare a
schedule for all volunteers and staff. Volunteer agrees to meet all time commitments, and to give
reasonable notice if s/he is unable to meet a commitment so that the Director can make other

6.      Training

The Organization will provide Volunteer with a thorough induction on the Organization’s work, its staff,
procedures, Volunteer’s role within the Organization, equal opportunity policy, and any special training
Volunteer will require to meet the responsibilities of the Position, including training on the
Organization’s computer systems and other equipment. A representative of the Organization will be
available to meet with Volunteer regularly to discuss any questions or problems that Volunteer may

7.      Non-Employee Status

Volunteer acknowledges that s/he is not an employee of the Organization and is not entitled to receive
salary, benefits or other compensation. Volunteer further acknowledges that s/he does not qualify for
workers’ compensation benefits and is expected to carry personal medical insurance to cover any medical
expenses incurred while performing his/her duties hereunder.

8.      Legal Defense

[Delete this paragraph if not applicable to your organization]
Pursuant to the terms of the Organization’s policy regarding legal defense and indemnification,
Volunteer may be eligible for legal defense and indemnification by the Organization if a person or entity
brings a claim against Volunteer b
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