California Declaration of Homestead for Single Person by Megadox


If you are a single person who owns a home in California, you should protect yourself against sale by creditors with this Declaration of Homestead form.
- Filing the Declaration with the County Recorder creates what is called a declared homestead.
- A homestead exemption will allow you to keep a certain amount of the equity you have built up in your property if your home is sold to satisfy debts or judgments, or if it acquired for public use.
This California Declaration of Homestead for Single Person is a template legal form which can be downloaded, filled in, and printed for signature.

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									Recording requested by

and when recorded mail to:

                                                               Space above for Recorder’s use only

                            DECLARATION OF HOMESTEAD
I, _______________________ do hereby certify and declare as follows:

    1.       I hereby claim as a declared homestead the premises located in the City of
             _______________________, County of _________________________, State of California,
             commonly known as ___________________________________ (address) and more particularly
             described as follows:

         [Legal Description]

    2.       I am the declared homestead owner of the above declared homestead.

    3.       I own the following interest in the above declared homestead:

    4.      The above declared homestead is:
     ( ) my principal dwelling        ( ) the principal dwelling of my spouse

    5.       Resides in the declared homestead:
     ( ) I am                           ( ) My spouse is

    7.       The facts stated in this Declaration are true as of my personal knowledge.

Dated: _____ day of ______________, _______.

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