License to Use Existing Footage in Film or TV Production by Megadox


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                             (on letterhead of owner of film footage)
November 1, 2012

[production company]

Dear Sirs:

This will confirm that [Production company] (the “Producer”) has advised the undersigned of Producer’s
desire to use the following film footage (the “Footage”) in the [motion picture/television series] now
entitled “______________________________” (the “Production”):

        [give details about the film footage sufficient to identify it]

In return for the license granted to Producer to use the footage, Producer agrees to pay [Name of Owner]
(“Owner”) the following license fees (“Fees”):

        Fees                                         Payment Date

In consideration of payment of the above Fees, Owner irrevocably grants to Producer, its successors,
licensees, sub-licensees and assignees the right to use the Footage by including the same in the
Production, together with the right to exploit the Production and any and all parts of the Production, its
trailers and excerpts in any and all media throughout the world by any manner or means, whether now
know or invented in future, for the full period of copyright in the Footage and the Production.

Owner warrants, confirms, and agrees with Producer that:

(a)     Owner owns or controls all rights necessary to make the grant of rights made hereunder;

(b)     nothing in the Footage is obscene, libelous, blasphemous or defamatory;

(c)     the Footage does not infringe upon any performer’s right, any performer’s property right, any
        moral right, any right of copyright, right of privacy, right of publicity or any other right
        whatsoever of any third party;

(d)     apart from payment of the Fees, no sums shall be payable by Producer to any person or entity in
        respect of the exploitation of the Footage in connection with the Production, and Producer will
        not be required to obtain
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