USA Estoppel Affidavit of Mortgagor by Megadox


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									                   ESTOPPEL AFFIDAVIT OF MORTGAGOR
STATE OF ___________________
COUNTY OF ___________________

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, duly authorized in the State and County aforesaid to take
acknowledgments, this day personally appeared ____________________________________________, who,
being by me first duly sworn, on oath, deposes and says:

   1.      The facts and matters contained and recited herein are based upon the personal knowledge
           of the Affiant.

   2.      Affiant is a resident of the State of ____________________, County of
           ___________________________, and currently resides at the following address:

   3.      On the ________ day of ______________________, ______, Affiant executed a Mortgage Deed
           in favor of _____________, which said Mortgage is of record in Official Records Book
           __________, Page _______ through ________ of the Public Records of the County of
           ______________________, State of _________________________.

   4.      The above described Mortgage secures a Promissory Note of even date therewith in the
           original principal amount of $_________________________________, with interest thereon at
           the rate of ______________% per annum and payable in installments of principal and interest
           of $_______________ per month, beginning on the _____________________ day of
           ___________________, ______ and payable on the __________ day of each and every month
           thereafter until paid in full.

   5.      The principal balance remaining to be paid under the Mortgage and Promissory Note
           described herein is, as of the ______ day of ____________, ____, $_________________ and that
           all payments due through and including the payment due on the __________ day of
           _________________, _____, have been made by the Affiant to the Mortgagee and the loan
           evidenced by said documents is, in all respects, current and the Affiant is not in default in
           any manner with respect thereto.

   6.      Affiant has continuously, since the date of said Mortgage and Promissory Note, fully insured
           the property in a sum not less than the property's full insurable value, in a company or
           companies acceptable to the Mortgagee and that said policy or policies of insurance have
           been held by and made payable to the said Mortgagee, per the terms of the Mortgage Deed.

   7.      Upon any assignment of the said Mortgage and receipt by Aff
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