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USA Alimony Agreement in Uncontested Divorce by Megadox


If you and your spouse have separated and a divorce is pending, set out the provisions for payment of alimony with this Alimony Agreement in Uncontested Divorce for the USA. - This form should only be used by couples who do not have children. - The parties agree to a specified dollar amount of alimony payments, to be paid by one spouse to the other on the dates set out in the agreement. - Alimony payments shall be made until the death of either party, or the remarriage of the party receiving payment. This USA Alimony Agreement in Uncontested Divorce template is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific needs.

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       THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this _______ day of ____________, ___, by and
between ___________________________, (hereinafter referred to as the "Husband"), and
_________________, (hereinafter referred to as the "Wife").


1.      The parties are presently Husband and Wife. They were separated on the ________ day of
        _________________________, ____, and are presently living apart. They intend to live apart for the
        rest of their natural lives, and the ________________ has petitioned [intends to petition] for a
        dissolution of the parties' marriage.

2.      No children have been born of the parties' marriage.

3.      The parties consider it in their best interests to settle the question of alimony, and they agree that
        the Court granting the dissolution of their marriage will be requested to incorporate this alimony
        agreement into the final decree. The parties recognize, however, that the Court on its own
        initiative may alter this agreement.

4.      The parties agree and covenant, in consideration of the conditions contained herein, that alimony
        will be paid upon the following conditions:

        (a)     The ________________ agrees to pay, and the _________ agrees to accept, as alimony, the
                amount of _________________________ dollars ($ ________ ) to be paid commencing with
                the third (3rd) business day after the ________________ receives his[her] first paycheck
                following the effective date of this agreement.

        (b)     The payments shall be sent by first class mail to the _____________'s residence address.

        (c)     The alimony payments shall contin
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