USA Houseboat Rental Agreement by Megadox


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									                       HOUSEBOAT RENTAL AGREEMENT


Phone Number(s):
Fax Number:
Email Address(es):
Number of Occupants:                    Adults ______ Children _____
Boarding & Departure Dates:             From ______________________

                                        To: ________________________
Houseboat Model (circle one):           12 Sleeper     14 Sleeper      16 Sleeper
Rental Rate:
Deposit Paid:

The Renter understands and agrees to the following rental terms and conditions:

1.   The full price of the rental must be paid at least ____ days prior to boarding or the
     reservation will be cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited. Upon payment of the full
     rental price, the deposit paid by the Renter will be treated as a security deposit and will be
     refunded by check within _____ days after the departure date, PROVIDED THAT the boat
     is returned clean, undamaged, and with all onboard inventory intact.
2.   The houseboat must be returned by ________ PM on the departure date.
3.   No gasoline may be charged against the deposit and NO CASH will be refunded. A
     minimum cleaning fee of $_______ will be charged for all boats which are returned in an
     unclean condition. A late charge of $_____ per hour or any portion of an hour will be
     charged for late returns.
4.   All cancellations must be in writing and must be received no later than ____ days prior to
     the scheduled boarding date. Any cancellation which is received less than ____ days prior
     to the boarding date will incur a cancellation fee of $________ per houseboat. Reservation
     changes made _______ or more days prior to the scheduled boarding date will be
     processed upon payment of a $____ service charge per houseboat. Any cancellation or
     change received less than ______ days prior to the scheduled boarding date will result in
     loss of the entire rental fee. If the houseboat(s) is/are re-re
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