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WA contractors, get your lien claim underway with this Claim of Lien form for Washington State.
- This form can be used by contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.
- The lien claimant claims a lien for goods, labor and ⁄ or services provided for improvements to the subject property.
- The form includes instructions on how to file and serve the lien claim.
- Buy the form once, and it's yours to use as often as you require.
This Washington Claim of Lien template is provided in MS Word format, and is easy to download, fill in and print.

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									                                          CLAIM OF LIEN

COUNTY OF _____________

In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 60.04 RCW, notice is hereby given that the claimant named
below claims a lien. In support of this lien the following information is submitted:

1.      Name of lien claimant: ____________________________

        Address: _____________________________________________

        Telephone number: __________________________________

2.      The date on which the claimant began to perform labor, provide professional services, supply
        material or equipment or the date on which employee benefit contributions became due was

3.      Name of person indebted to the claimant:

4.      Description of the property against which a lien is claimed (Street address, legal description or other
        information that will reasonably describe the property):

5.      Name of the owner or reputed owner (If not known state “unknown”):

6.      The last date on which labor was performed; professional services were furnished; contributions
        to an employee benefit plan were due; or material, or equipment was furnished was ___________.

7.      Principal amount for which the lien is claimed is $_________________.

8.      [choose appropriate option: The claimant IS / IS NOT the assignee of this Claim.

Signature of Claimant


City, State, Zip

Telephone Number

STATE OF WASHINGTON                                )
COUNTY OF [COUNTY], SS:                            )

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