USA Trademark Assignment Agreement

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THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                           [NAME OF ASSIGNOR]
                  a corporation duly incorporated under the laws of the State of _____________
                                having an office at _________________ [address]
                                                (the “Assignor”)

                                                    - and -

                                            [NAME OF ASSIGNEE]
                  a corporation duly incorporated under the laws of the State of _____________
                                having an office at _________________ [address]
                                                (the “Assignee”)


A.      The Assignor is the registered owner of that certain trademark (“Trademark”) registered with the United
        States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) on the _____ day of ______________, _______, as more
        particularly described in Schedule A to this Agreement, which is attached hereto and made a part hereof;

B.      The Assignor desires to assign the Trademark to the Assignee, and the Assignee desires to accept the
        assignment of the Trademark.

NOW THEREFORE THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSES that in consideration of the mutual covenants and
agreements contained in this Agreement and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency
of which are hereby acknowledged by the parties, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1.       Transfer of Trademark. The Assignor agrees to transfer registered ownership of the Trademark into the
name of the Assignee. The fees for registering the change of ownership shall be paid by the [choose appropriate
option: Assignee / Assignor.]

2.      Assignment Fees. The Assignee shall pay the Assignor the sum of USD $______________ for the
Trademark transferred hereunder, [if appropriate: together with any fees charged by USPTO with respect to the
change of ownership hereunder.]

3.      Representations and Warranties of Assignor.

The Assignor hereby represents and warrants as follows:

(a)     the Assignor is a [business corporation / limited liability company / sole proprietorship / etc.], duly
        [incorporated / organized / registered] and validly existing under the laws of the State of

(b)     the Assignor is the registered owner of the Trademark, and no rights or equity of any third party is or will
        be prejudiced due to the assignment, transfer and use of the Trademark. To the best of the Assignor’s
        knowledge, there is no litigation or other dispute or claim arising from or relating to the Trademark;

(c)     the Assignor has the full authority and corporate power to make the assignment hereunder, and has
        obtained all consents and approvals from shareholders, third parties, or governmental or regulatory bodies
        required to execute and perform this Agreement, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations;

(d)      upon execution of this Agreement, the Agreement will constitute a legal, valid and binding contract of the
         Assignor, enforceable against the Assignor in accordance with its terms;

(e)      the Assignor will not engage in any action that will be detrimental to the validity of the Trademark after the
         completion of the assignment hereunder.

4.       Representations and Warranties of Assignee.

The Assignee hereby represents and warrants as follows:

(a)      the Assignee is a [business corpora
Description: Assign a trademark registered in the USA from the holder to another party with this easy-to-use Trademark Assignment Agreement. The party assigning the mark (assignor) agrees not to do anything that will be detrimental to the validity of the trademark following the transfer of the trademark into the name of the assignee. The parties agree to settle disputes through amicable discussion, failing which they will refer the matter to arbitration. This USA Trademark Assignment Agreement is in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.
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