California Notice of Cessation Form by Megadox


California home owners, you must file a Notice of Cessation form if a construction project has ceased on your property.
- The Notice is in compliance with CA Civil Code Sections 8180-8190, 8100-8118, and 9200-9208. UPDATED FOR 2012.
- The form includes the required Verification.
- The form also includes a Proof of Service Declaration to record who the Notice was served on, and how the service was effected.
- The template can be re-used as often as you require.
This California Notice of Cessation Form is a downloadable legal document in MS Word format.

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									Recorded at the request of:

When Recorded Mail to:

                                                                Space above for recorder’s use only

                                      NOTICE OF CESSATION
                              (California Civil Code Sec. 8180-8190, 8100-8118, 9200-9208)


1.       The undersigned is an owner of an interest of estate in the hereinafter described real property, the
nature of which interest or estate is _________________________________ (fee simple, leasehold, joint
tenancy, purchaser under contract of purchase, etc.).

2.      A description of the property sufficient for identification is:
        Legal Description:      ____________________________________________________________
        Street Address:         _______________________________,
                                City of __________________, County of ____________________

3.       As of the _______ day of ________________________, 20____, there has been a continuous
cessation of labor upon the herein described work of improvement for at least 30 days and continuing
until the date of recordation of this Notice of Cessation. The date on or about which labor on the work of
improvement ceased was ________________________, 20___.

4.     The name and address of the undersigned owner or reputed owner, and of co-owners or reputed
co-owners, are:


5.      The name and address of the direct contractor for the work of improvement as a whole is:


6.      The name and address of the construction lender (if any) is:


7.      If this Notice of Cessation is signed by the owner’s successor in interest, the name and address of
the successor’s transferor is:

I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing
is true and correct.

Date                                                       Signature of Owner or Agent of Owner

                                                           Print Name

I, _________________________________________, state: I am the _______________________ (owner,
president, authorized agent, partner, etc) of the Owner identified in the foregoing Notice of Cessation
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