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									                        ACCOUNT SERVICES AGREEMENT

WHEREAS, the undersigned CLIENT wishes to open a securities account (the “Account”) with [Name of
Company] (“COMPANY”) to receive the custodial and other services of COMPANY’s clearing agent,
[Name of Clearing Agent] (“AGENT”); and

AND WHEREAS, COMPANY wishes to assist CLIENT in establishing the Account with AGENT and
with processing securities transactions for the Account as requested to do so by CLIENT;

NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree that the assets deposited by CLIENT into the Account shall
be administered in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement:

1.     Services. COMPANY and AGENT are empowered to do all things necessary and convenient for
       the orderly opening and administration of the Account within the limits of the laws and rules
       applicable to each of them. Without limiting the foregoing, this shall include the following
       powers and discretions, in addition to those provided by law:

       (a)     Keep all assets with AGENT, collect income and the proceeds of sales, maturities, and
               redemptions, and distribute net income and principal as directed by CLIENT.

       (b)     Provide periodic accounting statements as such statements are routinely prepared by

       (c)     Execute orders to clear the purchase or sale of any securities upon CLIENT’s instructions
               or the instructions of CLIENT’s agent.

       (d)     Hold assets in the name of AGENT or nominee.

2.     CLIENT’s Obligations. It is mutually understood by COMPANY and CLIENT that:

       (a)     CLIENT shall own the assets deposited into the Account.

       (b)     CLIENT agrees to effect all purchases and sales of securities through a reputable broker
               of CLIENT’s choice and to communicate each transaction to COMPANY within 24 hours
               after CLIENT has given instructions to the broker. The purchase or sale of any securities
               involving “same-day” or “next-day” funds shall be immediately communicated to
               COMPANY by CLIENT.

       (c)     CLIENT directs COMPANY to invest the available cash that may be in the Account from
               time to time in short term investments designated by CLIENT.

       (d)     CLIENT may designate in writing a third party to give investment or other instructions
               to COMPANY. Custodian may rely on these third party instructions to the same extent
               as if they had been given by the CLIENT.

3.     Fees. COMPANY shall charge against the Account annual fees in accordance with COMPANY’s
       fee schedule as published from time to time. COMPANY shall pay AGENT for its custodial and
       other service charges. The fees in effect as of the date of this Agreement are 10 basis points per
       year, calculated and charged monthly, after services are provided, based on the market value of
       the Account on the last day of each month. COMPANY may chang
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