Missouri Tenant Request for Security Deposit by Megadox


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									                              SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUEST

To:    __________________ (insert name of landlord)
       ________________________ (insert address of landlord)

Re: Rental premises located at ______________ (insert address of rental premises)

You are hereby notified that I vacated the premises located at _______________________
(insert address of rental premises) on _________________ (insert date). You were obligated to
return to me within THIRTY (30) days, as required by Missouri State law, my full security
deposit of $__________________ (insert dollar amount), or have sent to me a written statement
of an itemized list of deductions.

Since you have failed to fulfill these obligations, I shall take legal action, as stated in Missouri
statute 535.300(5), for the portion of the security deposit withheld.

I hereby request that you return my security deposit to avoid legal action, and to settle this
matter. Please return the said amount to the below address within FIVE (5) business days, or I
shall begin legal action
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