Connecticut Seller's Closing Affidavit by Megadox


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COUNTY OF ______________________,

Note: In this instrument, the pronoun “I” shall mean “We” when there is more than one Owner/Seller.

I, _________________________________ [name of Affiant], of ________________________________________
[address], in the [City/Town] of _________________, State of Connecticut, on this ________ day of
___________________, _________, as Affiant, being sworn, deposes and says that:

1.     I am at least twenty-one (21) years of age. I am the sole owner of the real estate and
       improvements located at _____________________________________________________ [address]
       (the “Property”). I received a deed to the Property dated the _______ day of
       _______________________, ________. I am now the seller of the Property.

2.     [I am not married./We have been and are now married to each other.]

3.     In this Affidavit, a lien is a legal claim of another against property for (a) the payment of a debt or
       (b) the performance of an obligation. There are no liens against the Property as a result of (a)
       debts that I owe or (b) obligations that I have undertaken, except for the following:

       (i)     Real estate taxes and assessments for this year;

       (ii)    Other: ____________________________________________________________________

4.     During the last sixty (60) days prior to the execution hereof, I have made no repairs, additions or
       improvements, nor have I ordered or contracted for any labor or materials to be performed or
       furnished to the Property which have not been paid in full.

       I do not owe any money for improvements, labor or materials performed on, or furnished to, the
       Property within the sixty (60) days immediately preceding the date hereof. Nor have I received
       any notice from anyone claiming to not have been paid in full. There are no outstanding or
       disputed claims for any such work or items. No such work is now in progress.

5.     I have paid fully for any and all fixtures, appliances or other personal property attached to, or
       otherwise used with, the improvements on the Property.

6.     There has been no work done, and I have not received notice that any work is to be done, by the
       city, village, county, township, state, or any sewer district or other governmental authority, or at
       its direction, in connection with the installation of sewer, water, curbs, sidewalks, streets or
       alleys, or any repairs or improvements thereto.

7.     I have not received notice from any governmental authority for the removal or abatement of any
       nuisance. I have not received any notice of condemnation or other exercise of the power of

      eminent domain, nor have I received any notice for the violation of any zoning regulations
      concerning the Property.

8.    To the best of my knowledge, there are no hidden structural defects in the Property.

9.    Any and all of the utilities and improvements concerning the Property are located within the
      boundary lines of the subject real estate, within lands dedicated to public use, or within recorded
      easements for the same. There have been no violations of any restrictions affecting the Property.
      There are no disputes with any adjoining property owners as to the location of property lines or
      the encroachment of any improvements.

10.   There are no pending lawsuits against me in any court. I have not received notice of any pending
      lawsuits against me.

11.   I am not a debtor in any proceeding under the bankruptcy laws of the United States of America,
      and no bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings have been started by or against me. No receiver or
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