Connecticut Notice to Tenant for Nonpayment of Rent by Megadox


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									                           NOTICE: NONPAYMENT OF RENT

To:     __________________ (insert name of tenant)

Address: __________________ (insert address to which the notice was delivered or mailed)

Re: Rental unit located at ______________ (insert address of rental premises)

I/We hereby give notice that you have breached the rental agreement/lease dated
______________ (insert date) between _______________ (insert name(s) of tenant(s)on lease)
and ____________________ (insert name of landlord on lease).

Specifically, this breach is:

Rent in the amount of $__________ (insert amount) is now past due and is outstanding for more
than NINE (9) days.

You are hereby required to pay the above noted rent within TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours of your
receipt of this notice.

If you do not pay the said rent within the said 24 hours, you shall, pursuant to Title 47a, Chapter
830, Sec. 47a-23 of the General Statutes of
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