Washington Cohabitation (Living Together) Agreement

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THIS AGREEMENT made this _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                             [PARTNER 1]
                            of the City of [City], in the State of Washington
                                               (“Partner 1”)
                                                                                   OF THE FIRST PART
                                                 - and -

                                             [PARTNER 2]
                            of the City of [City], in the State of Washington
                                               (“Partner 2”)
                                                                                OF THE SECOND PART


A.     The parties commenced living with each other on or about ___________ [insert date], and intend to
       continue living together in the same manner;

B.     The parties wish to establish their respective rights and responsibilities regarding the assets,
       income, property, and estate of the other party, and the assets, income, and property that may be
       acquired, either separately or together, during the period of cohabitation;

C.     The parties have acknowledged that neither is under any duress or undue influence and that they
       are voluntarily entering in to this Agreement with the benefit of independent legal counsel;

D.     It is the intention of each of the parties that this Agreement shall be the sole determinant of the
       division of any property and assets whatsoever, gifted to or inherited by either or both of them;

E.     This document is the Cohabitation Agreement between the parties and shall herein be called the

NOW THEREFORE IN CONSIDERATION of the love and affection that exists between the parties, and
the mutual premises and covenants contained herein, all of which the parties acknowledge is good and
valuable and sufficient consideration, the parties hereto agree as follows:

1.     Definitions

In this Agreement, the following words or phrases have or include the meanings shown corresponding
thereto as follows:

(a)    “herein”, “hereof”, “hereto”, “heretofore”, “hereafter”, “herewith” and similar words or
       expressions refer to this Agreement and not to a particular section or sections thereof, unless the
       context or subject matter otherwise so requires;

(b)    “ownership” or “owned” when used in this Agreement shall constitute legal ownership and does
       not include any rights arising by operation of the principles of trust or equity. Without limiting
       the generality of this clause, and except as specifically provided for elsewhere in this Agreement,
       the following shall constitute ownership:

        (i)      property held or registered in the name of one of the parties shall be deemed to be owned
                 by that party;

        (ii)     property transferred to one of the parties shall be deemed to be owned by such party;

        (iii)    property inherited by one of the parties shall be deemed to be owned by such party;

        (iv)     property for which no title documentation commonly exists (for example, household
                 furniture) will be deemed to be owned by the party who paid for it; and

        (v)      money held in a joint bank account shall be deemed to belong equally to both parties.

(c)     “property” means all property of any kind, whether owned directly or indirectly, and includes:

        (i)      land, money in bank accounts, pension plans, personal possessions;

        (ii)     contingent interests; and

        (iii)    interests in future rights.

(d)     “shared residence” means the principal residence shared by the parties at any time during the
        term of this Agreement.

2.      Marital Status

The cohabitation of the shared residence by the parties shall in no way render the parties married, by
operation of common law or any other operation of law.

3.      Disclosure

Each of the parties has fully and complete, to the best of his/her knowledge, disclosed to the other party
his/her current financial condition, including all assets and liabilities. Attached to this Agreement as
Exhibits A and B are Balance Sheets for each of the parties, indicating their respective assets and liabilities
as at the date hereof.

4.      Waiver of Rights

Except as otherwise provided herein, each party hereby waives the following rights:

(a)     to share in the other party’s estate upon his/her death;

(b)     to support, palimony, maintenance or similar allowance, whether interim, permanent or variable,
        in this or any jurisdiction;

(c)     to share in the increase in value during the period of cohabitation of the separate property of the
        other party;

(d)     to share in the pension, profit sharing, or other retirement accounts of the other party;

(e)     to the division of the separate property of the parties, whether currently held or hereafter

(f)     to any other claims based on the period of cohabitation of the parties.

Nothing herein contained shall be a waiver by either party of any bequest left to him or her by any Will
or Codicil of the other party. No promises have been made by either of the parties to the other with
respect to such a bequest.

5.         Division of Living Expenses

The parties agree to divide the necessary living expenses between them as follows:

Expense Item                                                 Partner 1                  Partner 2
Rent or mortgage                                               ___%                       ___%
Gas                                                            ___%                       ___%
Electric                                                       ___%                       ___%
Water & sewer                                                  ___%                       ___%
Telephone                                                      ___%                       ___%
Cable TV                                                       ___%                       ___%
Garbage collection                                             ___%                       ___%
Cell phone                                                     ___%                       ___%
Internet service                                               ___%                       ___%
Property taxes                                                 ___%                       ___%
Homeowners / renters insurance                                 ___%                       ___%
Vehicle insurance                                              ___%                       ___%
Car loan payment                                               ___%                       ___%
Credit cards                                                   ___%                       ___%
Fuel                                                           ___%                       ___%
Vehicle maintenance                                            ___%                       ___%
License & registration                                         ___%                       ___%
Description: If you are planning on living with a common law spouse in the State of Washington, the two of you should complete this Cohabitation (Living Together) Agreement. - This Agreement is for heterosexual couples. - Title to separate property belonging to one of the parties prior to the cohabitation remains with that party. - All property acquired during the relationship which was purchased with joint funds will be considered joint property. - Schedule of percentage contributions that each party will make towards household and living expenses. - Each party waives any right to claim part of any inheritance left to the other party. This Washington Cohabitation (Living Together) Agreement is in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.
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