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                                          [on agency letterhead]

November 1, 2012

[name of client]
Attention: [name of contact person]

Dear Sirs:

[Name of client] (“Client”) has asked that [Name of agency] (“Agency”) provide ongoing press and
public relations services (“Services”) in order to promote the Client’s [business / products] on a retainer
basis, for the following reasons:

(a)     The Client expects to require the services of the Agency for a minimum of ______ hours per
        month. The ongoing relationship between the parties will be more cost-effective for the Client,
        and will provide an opportunity for both parties to become familiar with, and to work more
        closely and effectively with, each other.

(b)     The Agency will set aside at least ___ hours per month exclusively for the Client’s benefit,
        ensuring that the Client’s needs remain a high priority.

(c)     The Client requires the Agency to promote the Client’s [business / products] to the press. An
        ongoing relationship between the parties will guarantee the Agency’s commitment, continuity,
        brand identification, involvement and lack of conflict when dealing with the media.

1.      Agency’s Obligations

1.1     The Agency agrees to provide _______ hours per month of Services per month, for the negotiated
contract price. Any additional hours per month spent on the Client’s account will be billed at $##.## per

1.2    The Agency will record all time incurred on the Client’s account, rounded off in 15-minute
increments using standard rounding procedure. This time tracking will include all preparations and
communications, whether in person, by phone, e-mail, fax or other transmittal method.

1.3      Within ___ days following each month end during the term of the agreement, the Agency will
provide detailed time records for the previous month. The hours recorded will be debited from the
Client’s monthly total of ______ hours. No time will be deducted for:

        (a)     travel to and from sites within a ___-mile radius of the Agency’s office location;

        (b)     time required by the Agency in order to become familiar with Client’s business and

1.4     The Agency will provide the following Services under the agreement:

        (a)     researching and writing press releases;
        (b)     researching and writing user profiles;
        (c)     responding to media inquiries;

        (d)     establishing and maintaining media contacts;
        (e)     attending conferences and demonstrations related to the Client’s products;
        (f)     producing and distributing materials related to the Client’s business and products;
        (g)     conducting market research of competitors, potential partnerships / alliances, target
                markets, etc.;
        (h)     strategizing and analysis;
        (i)     arranging media briefings;
        (j)     preparing and updating press kits;
        (k)     preparing and conducting analyst pre-briefings;
        (l)     pursuing and fulfilling article opportunities to carry the by-line of a principal or
                employee of the Client.

1.5     The Agency will specifically NOT provide the following services under the agreement:

        (a)     direct sales;
        (b)     technical consulting;
        (c)     any activity which the Agency considers immoral or illegal.

1.6     The Agency will provide a copy of all support materials relating to its relationship with the Client
within ____ days of a request for same from the Client.

1.7     The Agency will respond in a timely fashion to Client inquiries, whether in person, by phone or
via e-mail.

1.8     The Agency will not invoice the Client
Description: Negotiate the terms of a formal contract with a PR firm in this Canadian Letter of Intent to Hire Public Relations Firm. - The public relations agency must devote a minimum specified number of hours each month exclusively to the client's account, and that minimum may be increased if required in order to ensure that the work is completed. - The client will pay the agency a monthly retainer, plus an hourly rate for any time spent on the project over and above the contracted number of hours. - The agency will be responsible for all media communications, press releases, product demonstrations and market research involved in the client's public relations campaign. - The agency will NOT be involved in direct sales or technical consulting. - The letter of intent itself is not a legal contract, but rather it is a means of ensuring that both parties have the same understanding of the discussions between them prior to signing a legally binding contract. This Canada Letter of Intent to Hire Public Relations Firm is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to meet your specific needs.
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