New Zealand Agreement for Permission to Sublet

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					                       AGREEMENT FOR PERMISSION TO SUBLET

THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                       [NAME OF TENANT]
                                        [address of tenant]
                                          (the “Tenant”)

                                              - and -

                                     [NAME OF LANDLORD]
                                      [address of landlord]
                                        (the “Landlord”)


The Landlord is the owner of the rental premises located at _________________________ (insert
complete address of rental premises) which is leased to the Tenant under a [lease / tenancy agreement]
dated the ____ day of ________________, _______, the term of which is to expire on the ____ day of
______________, ________.

It is agreed as follows:

1.      Permission is hereby granted to Tenant to sublet the premises described above for a term of
_____ (insert number) months/years (delete inapplicable) beginning on the _____ day of ______________,
_______ and ending on the _____ day of ______________, _______.

2.      Any and all subtenants shall be
Description: NZ tenants, get your landlord's consent to sublet your rental premises to a new tenant with this New Zealand Agreement for Permission to Sublet. - The sublet is subject to the terms of the original lease. - The original tenant is still obligated to perform his/her obligations under the lease until the expiration of the lease, if the subtenant fails to do so. - The form is fully editable and is easy to use. This New Zealand Agreement for Permission to Sublet is provided in MS Word format.
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