Arizona Guarantee of Commercial Lease

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					                                 GUARANTEE OF LEASE

Reference is hereby made to a lease (the "Lease") dated the _____ day of ______________, _______
between [INSERT NAME OF LANDLORD], of _______________________ [insert address] as
Landlord, and [INSERT NAME OF TENANT], of _______________________ [insert address] as

In consideration of Landlord's having executed the Lease at the request of the undersigned and other
valuable consideration, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned (the "Guarantor")
hereby [if more than one Guarantor: jointly and severally] unconditionally guarantee to Landlord and
Landlord's successors and assigns, the payment of the rents and other sums provided for in the Lease and
the performance and observance of all agreements and conditions contained in the Lease on the part of
Tenant to be performed or observed.

The Guarantor hereby waives presentment for payment, demand for payment, notice of nonpayment or
dishonor, protest and notice of protest, diligence in collection, and any and all formalities that may be
legally required to charge the Guarantor [if more than one Guarantor: or any of them] with liability; and
the Guarantor [if more than one Guarantor: and each of them] further agree that his / her / their liability
as Guarantor shall in no way be impaired or affected by any renewals, waivers, or extensions that may be
made from time to time, with or without the knowledge and consent of the Guarantor [if more than one
Guarantor: or any one or more of them], of any default or the time of payment or performance required
under the Lease, or by any forbearance or delay in enforcing any obligation thereof, or by assignment of
the Lease or subletting of the demised Premises, neglect or refusal to enforce or to realize upon any
security that may have been given or may hereafter be given thereunder or hereunder, or by any
modifications of the terms or provisions of the Lease.

The Guarantor further [if more than one Guarantor: jointly and severally] covenants an
Description: Secure the obligations of a corporate tenant ⁄ lessee under a Commercial Lease in Arizona with this Absolute, Unconditional and Continuing Guarantee of Lease. - The Guarantee is given by a principal of the tenant, such as a shareholder, partner, sole proprietor or some other person with a financial interest in the tenant's business. - A guarantee of this type is typically required as an inducement to the lessor ⁄ landlord to sign the lease. - The guarantor guarantees payment of all rent and other amounts due under the lease, including the payment of legal fees incurred by the landlord in enforcing the terms of the lease. This Arizona Guarantee of Commercial Lease is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to meet your exact needs.
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