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Vendor / Supplier Evaluation Worksheet


This Vendor / Supplier Evaluation Worksheet lets you evaluate a potential vendor or supplier before committing to do business with them. The worksheet allows you to grade the potential supplier on a number of different criteria, including: - quality of materials, - timeliness of delivery, - reputation, - expertise of staff and support personnel, - other factors relevant to your business. This Vendor ⁄ Supplier Evaluation Worksheet is provided in MS Word format, and can be downloaded and completed on a computer, or printed off and filled in by hand.

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									                            VENDOR EVALUATION WORKSHEET
Date: _________________________           Prepared By: ________________________

Evaluation No.:________________           Title: _______________________________

Vendor/Supplier Information
 Company Name:                                          Type Of Business:

 Company Address:                                       Legal Form Under Which Business Operates:

 City:                  State/Province:      Zip/Postal Code:       Phone:            Fax:

 Names Of Salespeople:                                  Number Of Locations:

                                                        Name Of Key Contact:

Place a checkmark in the appropriate column according to the following ratings:
1 = Unsatisfactory; 2 = Somewhat Satisfactory; 3 = Satisfactory; 4 = Good; 5 = Very Good.
Add the number of checkmarks per column, multiply them by the number heading of the column and
enter th
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