Texas Release of Vendor's Lien

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                                     RELEASE OF LIEN
                                      (COMMON FORM)
STATE OF TEXAS                                 )
COUNTY OF [COUNTY], SS:                        )

Whereas by deed dated the _____ day of ______________, _______, recorded in the office of
____________________________________ [insert name of office, book and page number of
record],   _________________________________           did     grant    and      convey     to
_______________________ a certain tract or parcel of land, situate and being in said county of
___________________, containing ________ acres, and bounded and described as follows:

       [insert description of land as it is set out in the deed]

the record of such deed being referred to for further description of such land;

And whereas, in such deed a vendor’s lien was retained to secure the payment of _______
certain promissory notes executed by the said _________________________, and payable to
______________________, or order, each in the principal sum of ________________________
DOLLARS ($_________), and each bearing interest at the rate of _________ per centum (___%)
per annum, for a better description of which notes reference is here made to the record of such
deed as it described the same;

And whereas such promissory notes have been to me paid and by me cancelled, I, the
undersigned, being the legal owner and holder thereof at the time of such payment and

And whereas, the sa
Description: Discharge a vendor's lien against a real estate property in Texas with this Release of Lien form. The Release of Lien must be recorded with the County Recorder's Office to release a vendor's lien against the property after the purchaser has paid the balance of the purchase price and the promissory notes securing the balance have been canceled by the vendor (seller). This Texas Release of Vendor's Lien template is available in MS Word format.
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