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Hotel Group Accommodation Contract

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Hotel managers, rent a block of rooms to a group with this Hotel Group Accommodation Contract. This contract is ideal for tour groups or organizations requiring volume room bookings for events such as conventions, reunions, trade shows, etc. The Group Accommodation Contract includes provisions for: - payment of a deposit to hold the room reservations, - room guarantees, - what happens if there is a reduction in the anticipated number of guests, - cancellations, - catering (food and beverages) and other facilities required for the group function, - invoicing and payment, - the hotel's responsibility to arrange alternative accommodation in the case of overbooking. The Hotel Group Accommodation Contract is a fully editable contract template which can be easily customized to fit your business needs.

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									                               [NAME OF HOTEL / INN]
                         GROUP ACCOMMODATION CONTRACT

Tour Operator (“Agent”):



       Phone / Fax #s:


       Billing Address:
       (if different):

       Phone / Fax #s:

Organization (“Group”):

Type of Group:

Name of Event:

Confirmation Status:           Proposed               Tentative              Definite              Revised

Dates Required:                from                                         to

Room Requirements:

       Single Occupancy:                                          Double Occupancy:

       Triple Occupancy:                                          Quadruple Occupancy:

       Total number of rooms required:

       Number of complimentary rooms:

Reservation Procedure:         Rooming List                Reservation Card                  Individual

Meeting & Catering Requirements:
                                                          Times                                                    #      of
     Date                   Function                  From      To                 Room              Set-Up        People

       Meeting room rental to be negotiated with the Catering Department.

Service Requirements:

       Baggage Handling: Yes _____            No _____            Group Dining: Yes _____         No _____

       Parking:                Yes _____      No _____            No. of Parking Passes:
                 Parking Rates: $#.## per day. Parking passes are valid for ## hours from time of issue. Parking passes must
                 be displayed on vehicle dash at all times when parked in Hotel parking areas.

                                          Terms and Conditions
1.        Reservation Deposit: A [non-refundable] Reservation Deposit of ____% of the total estimated
gross value of the booking is required in order to guarantee room bookings. The Agent must confirm
final numbers, requirements and pay the Reservation Deposit by no later than ___________________
[either set out a specific date or a specific number of days prior to the group’s arrival date] (the “Confirmation
Date”). All bookings will be considered provisional until the Agent complies with the foregoing.

2.       Guarantees: [delete this paragraph if Agent is guaranteeing the room bookings: Members of the Group
must guarantee their respective rooms in the block by providing [a credit card number / a refundable
deposit of $###.##]. Should a room not be guaranteed, the reservation for such room will be released at
_____ p.m. on the Group’s arrival date. If the room has been guaranteed and the Hotel is not advised of
cancellation of such room prior to _______ p.m. on the Group’s arrival date, the room will be charged to
the [individual / Group].

3.       Transfer / Refund of Deposit: [use this paragraph if group members are each paying a deposit, otherwise
delete: $###.## of each person’s Reservation Deposit is non-refundable. The balance is transferable and
refundable, PROVIDED THAT written notice of cancellation is provided at least ____ days prior to
scheduled arrival. Cancellation notice of less than ___ days results in the forfeiture of the balance of the
Reservation Deposit.

4.      Release of Reservations: Failure by the Agent to provide the confirmation and pay the
Reservation Deposit by the Confirmation Date will result in the release of reservations, and any
reservations so released may be resold by the Hotel.

5.       Right to Renegotiate: The Hotel will review the reserved block of rooms with the Agent no later
than _____ days prior to the Group’s arrival. The Hotel reserves the right to reduce the total block, should
the pick-up be substantially below the original room block at the time of review. The Hotel reserves the
right to review and renegotiate the room rates if pick-up is lower than eighty percent (80%) of the original
block. The Hotel reserves the right to renegotiate each time the block decreases. The Hotel further
reserves the right to renegotiate the terms of this Contract if the Group’s requirements change
significantly after execution of this Contract.

6.       Amendments by Agent: Amendments to guest numbers and/or arrangements must be confirmed
to the Hotel in writing. Reductions in the duration or contracted value of the booking shall be subject to
the Hotel’s cancellation policy. Any additional guest rooms required will be provided on the basis of
availability, at the regular published Hotel rates. No charges will be made for reduction of numbers of
less than ___% from those stated on the Contract, provided that confirmation in writing is received by the
Hotel at least ___ days prior to arrival. Should any further reductions in numbers or accommodation be
made at any time prior to arrival, the Hotel will first endeavor to re-sell any facilities and services related,
to a similar value. In the event that the facilities and services cannot be re-sold, any reductions will be
subject to the Hotel’s cancellation policy. Any reductions in numbers or accommodations requested less
than ___ days of arrival will be charged at 100% if the facilities and related services are not re-sold.

7.       Cancellations: In the event that all or part of a booking is cancelled by the Agent, the Hotel will
make every effort to re-sell the facilities. Should cancellation of the booking fall within ____ days of the
arrival date, a charge of 50% of the total contracted revenue will apply. If the booking is cancelled within
____ to ___ days of the arrival date, the Hotel’s cancellation policy is 95% on contracted room rates and
70% on contracted food and beverage revenue. Is cancellation is less than ___ days, 100% of the
contracted total revenue will be charged. Cancellations, partial cancellations or postponements must be in

writing. Upon receipt of same, the Hotel will issue the Agent a cancellation reference number and an
estimate of the cancellation charge. The final cancellation charge will be provided to the Agent after the
intended date of the booking, when the estimated cancellation charge will be reduced by the amount of
equivalent business that the Hotel has been able to secure to replace the cancelled booking. If group rates
have been agreed to and numbers decrease to less than ____ rooms, standard Hotel rates will apply.

8.      Overbooking by Hotel: In the event that any guest is displaced from the Hotel due to
overbooking by the Hotel, the Hotel will, at its own expense, accommodate such guest in another hotel of
comparable quality (based on availability), and transport such guest to and from such alternate
accommodation to the Hotel as required, and will assign the guest the first available accommodation in
the Hotel.

9.       Room Rates: [details of room rate to be applied, whether commissionable or not, applicable discounts,
taxes, currency in which prices are quoted, etc]

10.     Check-In and Check-Out Times: Guest room accommodations are available from _______
a.m./p.m. on the day of arrival. Rooms must be vacated by _____ a.m. on the day of departure, unless the
Hotel has agreed to specific alternative arrangements.

11.      Maximum Occupancy: Rooms are allocated according to capacity. For health and safety reasons,
the maximum number of persons allocated must NOT be exceeded in any circumstances. Unregistered
guests are strictly forbidden. In the event that unregistered guests are discovered on the premises, the
parties involved will be required to pay a fine of $###.## and may be required to vacate the premises.
The decision of Hotel management in this matter is final.

12.     Meeting & Catering Requirements: The Hotel agrees to provide meeting and banquet space for
the Group functions as set out above. All f
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