; Sponsorship Agreement for Live Performances
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Sponsorship Agreement for Live Performances


Concert promoters, enlist a sponsor for a live concert or theater performance with this Sponsorship Agreement template. - The sponsor agrees to provide the venue(s), staff, security, publicity and other items and services necessary to stage the performance. - The concert promoter will provide publicity materials, costumes, make-up, stage props and other items involved with the show. - The promoter will ensure that the performers are on time and ready for all performances and rehearsals. - The sponsor has the right to record, tape and broadcast the live show. This Sponsorship Agreement for Live Performances is a fully customizable legal contract template which can be edited to fit your exact circumstances.

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									                            SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT
THIS AGREEMENT made effective as of the _____ day of ______________, _______.


                                    [NAME OF SPONSOR]
                                       (the “Sponsor”)

                                            - and -

                                   [NAME OF PROMOTER]
                                      (the “Promoter”)

THIS AGREEMENT shall constitute the full agreement between the above-named Sponsor and
the above-named Promoter with respect to Sponsorship of certain performances by [NAME OF
ARTIST] (the “Artist”) upon the following terms and conditions:

1.    Sponsor agrees to present the following performance(s) by Artist (the “Engagement”):

            Place of Engagement            Performance Date & Time          Rehearsal Date & Time
              (the “Theaters”)

2.    As compensation for the rights granted and service provided hereunder, Sponsor will
      pay to [Promoter / Artist], in [country] currency or bank draft, the sum of [INSERT
      AMOUNT IN WORDS] DOLLARS ($###.##)., to be paid [set out how payment is to be
      made, e.g. a percentage in advance (by a certain date) and the balance after completion of the
      performance(s), etc].

3.    Sponsor agrees to furnish, at its sole expense for each performance and rehearsal, the
      Theaters, properly heated, ventilated, lighted, clean, in good order and adequately
      staffed. Sponsor warrants and represents that Sponsor is at the present time, or will be
      the owner or operator of, or has or will have a valid lease upon the Theaters covering the
      date or dates of the above engagement(s) and that Sponsor has or will have the right to
      present the performances at such Theaters.

4.    Sponsor shall furnish at its sole cost and expense, all items (except those items which
      Promoter herein specifically agrees to furnish and pay for), including, but, not limited
      to, ushers, ticket sellers and all other box office employees required for advance and
      rush ticket sales, ticket takers, all licenses, tickets, bill posting, mailing and distribution
      of circulars, publicity services, security, and personnel and services of every type
      required for the proper fulfillment of the Engagement.

5.    Sponsor agrees to pay for all charges including, but not limited to, stage hands, stage
      carpenters, electricians, sound technicians, truck loaders and unloaders and any other
      local labor as shall be necessary and/or required for the Engagement.

6.    Sponsor shall have sole and exclusive control over the production, presentation and
      performance of the Engagement including, but not limited to, the details, means and
      methods of performance of each artist and participant therein, and the persons to be
      employed by Sponsor in performing the provisions of this Agreement.

7.    Promoter agrees to furnish ________ black & white photographs, _______ color
      photographs, and a biography of the Artist by [insert date by which promo material must be
      provided]. Promoter also agrees to provide the program of music with titles, credits,
      names of composers which Artist plans to perform on the program by [insert date].

8.    Promoter represents that the Artist will arrive at all performances and rehearsals on time
      and Promoter will furnish at its sole cost and expense any costumes, clothing, shoes,
      props, food, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, musical instruments and/or any other
      items relating to the Artist’s performance (except those items specified in this
      Agreement as the Sponsor’s responsibility to provide).

9.    Promoter agrees to indemnify and hold Sponsor harmless from and against any and all
      claims for compensation for services by Promoter and Artist, except a
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