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									                                  BOOKING CONTRACT
THIS CONTRACT for the services of the Band for music and/or other entertainment described below
made this _____ day of ______________, _______ between the undersigned purchaser of music and/or
entertainment services (hereinafter called the “Employer”) and the undersigned musical act as described
below, (hereinafter called the “Band”).

The Employer hereby engages the Band and Band hereby agrees to perform the engagement as
hereinafter pursuant to all of the terms and conditions herein set forth, including those entitled
“Additional Terms and Conditions”:

Name of Band:

Number of Performers:

Name of Band Leader (signing on behalf
of the Band and hereinafter referred to as
the “Leader”):
Place of Engagement:

Address of Engagement:

Date(s) of Engagement:

Hours of Engagement:

Breaks:                                      One ___-minute break per hour during the hours of
Load In Time:

Load Out Time:

Type of Engagement:

Required Dress:

Sound Provided By:

Lights Provided By:

Contract Price:

                                       Terms and Conditions
1.       Joint and Several Responsibility: Each member of the Band agrees to be bound by the terms and
conditions of this Contract, and the Leader represents to the Employer that any replacement musicians
joining the Band during the term of the engagement hereunder shall agree to be bound by the same terms
and conditions, as a condition of joining the Band. Each Band member agrees severally to render services
hereunder, and the Band shall be jointly and severally responsible for fulfilling its responsibilities and
obligations under this Contract.

2.      Expenses: The contract price agreed to by the parties shall include expenses which have been
agreed to by the Employer in accordance with the attached schedule [OR a schedule to be furnished by
the Leader to the Employer on or before the date of the engagement.

3.      Payment of Contract Price: The contract price shall be paid to the Leader as follows: [if more than
one payment, set out the dates or days on which instalments are to be paid, e.g. $###.## following the last
performance on each Saturday night of the engagement, etc]. Upon request by the American Federation of
Musicians (“A.F.M.”), Employer shall either make advance payment of the contract price hereunder or
shall post an appropriate bond as security for payment.

4.       Supervision by Employer: The Employer shall at all times have complete supervision, direction,
and control over the services of Band for the duration of the engagement and expressly reserves the right
to control the manner, means, and details of the performance of the services by the Band as well as the
ends to be accomplished. The band leader shall, as agent of the Employer, enforce disciplinary measures
for just cause, and carry out instructions as to the selection and manner of performance. If any musicians
have not been chosen upon the signing of this Contract, the Leader shall, as agent for the Employer and
under his instructions, hire such musicians and any replacements as are required for persons who for any
reason do not perform any or all services required hereunder.

5.       Circumstances Beyond Control of Artists: The agreement of the Band to perform is subject to
proven detention by sickness, accidents, accidents to means of transportation, riots, strikes, epidemics,
acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond the Band’s control. On behalf of the Employer, the
Leader will distribute the amount received from the Employer to the musicians, including himself as
indicated on the first page of this Contract, or in place thereof on separate memorandum supplied to the
Employer at or before the commencement of the employment hereunder and take and turn over to the
Employer receipts therefor from each musician, including himself. The amount paid to the Leader
includes the cost of transportation, which will be reported by the Leader to the Employer.

6.      Breach: If Employer breaches this Contract, Employer shall pay the Band, in addition to damages,
____% interest thereon plus reasonable attorney’s fees. [for A.F.M. contracts: It is expressly understood
and agreed between the parties hereto that neither the A.F.M. nor any subordinate body thereof is liable
for any breach of this Contract by the Employer or by any of the musicians.]

7.      Miscellaneous Provisions: This Contract and the attached Rider, if any, constitute the sole,
complete, and binding agreement between the Band and the Employer with respect to the subject matter
hereof. The Rider and any other schedules attached hereto are incorporated by reference and are deemed
to be part of this Contract.

American Federation of Musicians (A.F.M.) Additional Terms and Conditions

8.      Employer Responsibility for Deductions: The Employer, in signing this Contract, acknowledges
Employer’s authority to do so and h
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