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USA Contractor Agreement for Construction Project


USA building contractors, prepare a customized Contractor Agreement for labor and/or materials on a construction project with this easy-to-use contract template. - The contract price will be paid in installments. - The contractor will provide all labor, tools and materials necessary to complete the construction. - Payment of the contract fee will be made in several installments. - All change orders must be in writing and corresponding cost increases must be approved by the owner. - The contractor will obtain adequate liability insurance for the project. This USA Contractor Agreement for Construction Project form is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your particular needs.

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									                                   CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT
This Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into this _____ day of ______________, _______, by [NAME OF
CONTRACTOR], a ____________ corporation having offices at [insert address of contractor] ("Contractor"),
and [NAME OF OWNER(S)] whose address is [insert address of property owner(s)] ("Owner").

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants contained hereinafter, the
parties hereto agree as follows:

1.      Contractor shall furnish all labor and materials necessary to perform the following work:

        [describe work to be performed by contractor under the contract]

as shown by the drawings attached hereto, which are identified by the signatures of the parties to this
Agreement and which form a part hereof.

2.     Owner shall pay Contractor the total sum of [CONTRACT AMOUNT IN WORDS] DOLLARS
($######.##) (the “Contract Amount”) for the aforesaid materials and labor, in the following manner:

(a)     upon execution of this Agreement, Owner shall pay Contractor the sum of $#####.##;

(b)     an additional payment of $###.## shall be paid on or before [date]; and

(c)     the remainder of the Contract Amount shall be paid within ___ days of the date of completion of
        the work.

In the event any payment is not paid when due, Contractor may stop work until payment is made. Any
overdue installment shall bear interest at the rate of ##% per annum from the due date until paid.

3.     Contractor agrees that the work shall be completed no later than the _____ day of
______________, _______.

4.     All materials, tools and equipment required for timely completion of the work shall be provided
and paid for by Contractor. All materials shall be new and of good quality, unless otherwise specified.

5.       In the prosecution of the work, Contractor shall employ a sufficient number of workers skilled in
their trades to suitably perform the work.

6.      All changes and deviations in the work ordered by Owner must be in writing with the Contract
Amount being increased or decreased accordingly by Contractor. Any claims for increases in the cost of
the work must be presented by Contractor to Owner in writing, and written approval of Owner shall be
obtained by Contractor before proceeding with the ordered change or revision.

7.      Owner, Owner’s representative and public authorities shall at all times have access to the work.

8.       Contractor agrees to re-execute any work which does not conform to the drawings and
specifications, warrants the work performed and agrees to remedy any defects resulting from faulty
materials or workmanship which shall become evident during a period of one (1) year after completion of
the work.

9.      If Contractor is delayed in the completion of the work by any act or neglect of Owner, or by any
other contractor employed by Owner, by changes ordered in the work, weather conditions, strikes,
lockouts, fire, unusual delay by common carriers, unavoidable casualties, pending arbitration or any
other cause beyond Contractor's control, then the time of completion of the work shall be extended for a
period equal to the period of delay of any or all of the above-stated causes. In the event the work is
delayed due to neglect of Contractor, Contractor agrees to pay the Owner the sum of $###.## per day as
liquidated damages until such time as the work
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