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Buy this professional Catering Contract template for your catering business, and write up your customer contracts quickly and easily.
- This is a customizable template which can be reused as often as you require.
- The contract price covers a guaranteed number of guests, plus an additional per person charge if the actual number of guests exceeds the guaranteed number.
- The caterer reserves the right to substitute unavailable or overpriced items.
- Provisions for the caterer to provide serving staff and bartenders, if the client requires. The client will pay overtime for staff that are required outside of the contract hours.
- The caterer is responsible for obtaining its own general liability insurance coverage.
- The client must provide adequate food and beverage storage facilities, and the client is responsible for any illness or death resulting from a delay in serving the food which is not directly attributable to the caterer.
- The caterer's liability is limited to the actual amount of damages sustained by the client or the sum of all amounts paid by the client.
- The contract includes a contract price worksheet.
This Catering Contract template is available in MS Word format. If you need a different format, let us know and we'll convert it for you.

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									                                     CATERING CONTRACT


City, State/Prov, Zip/Postal:

Contact Person (if company):




Date of Function:

Time of Function:

Location of Function:

Type of Function:

Guaranteed Number of Guests:
(include all attendees, e.g. ministers,
photographers, musicians, etc)
Meal(s) Serving Time(s):

Food Total:                                                   $
Liquor Total                                                  $
Equipment Rental:                                             $
Linens:                                                       $
Flowers, Candles, Centerpieces:                               $
Bartender (if required): $____ per hour x ___ hrs             $
Coat check / valet (if required): $____ per hour x ___ hrs    $
Other: _____________________________________                  $
Sales Tax (__%)                                               $
[delete if not applicable: GST (____%)]                       $
Gratuity (___%)                                               $
    TOTAL OF CONTRACT:                                                   $________
    Less deposit (paid):                                                         $
    Less any additional prepaid amounts:                                         $
OUTSTANDING BALANCE:                                                     $________
(Must be paid in full no later than ____ days prior to the event date)

                                        Terms & Conditions

1.    Food Preparation. [NAME OF CATERER] shall prepare and deliver the agreed upon menu
      attached to this Contract to the location and on the date and time set out on the face of this

2.    Deposit. Customer agrees to pay a deposit of $________ upon execution of this Contract, to
      reserve [NAME OF CATERER]’s services for the above date. The $________ deposit will be
      applied to the total contract price.

3.    Payment. The contract price must be paid in full no later than ___________ days prior to the event
      date. Payment may be made by cash, cashier’s check or credit card payable to [NAME OF
      CATERER]. All applicable sales tax [if appropriate: and GST] will be added to the contract price.
      Customer acknowledges that the date and the deposit will be forfeited in the event that final
      payment is not made at least ____ days prior to the event date.

4.    Number of Guests. Customer agrees to confirm the final guest count (“Guaranteed Number”) at
      least ____ full working days prior to the event. Increases to the Guaranteed Number up to ___%
      are subject to approval. If the actual number of guests attending the event is less than the
      Guaranteed Number, Customer will still be charged for the Guaranteed Number. If the actual
      number of guests is more than ____% higher than the Guaranteed Number, Customer will be
      charged at [NAME OF CATERER]’s established rate of $______ per person for each guest over
      and above the Guaranteed Number.

5.    Staff to Be Provided by Caterer. _____(##) of [NAME OF CATERER]’s employees will be provided
      and will be in attendance from ___________ a.m./p.m. until _________ a.m./p.m. If any of
      [NAME OF CATERER]’s employees are required outside of those hours, Customer will be
      charged an additional $______ per hour (or portion thereof) per employee.

6.    Substituted Items. [NAME OF CATERER] reserves the right to substitute items (including but not
      limited to food and flowers) that become unavailable in the market or that exceed reasonable
      market prices. [NAME OF CATERER] will make best efforts to notify the client of such
      substitution(s) if time allows.

7.    Access to Venue. Customer agrees to provide [NAME OF CATERER] with access to the event
      venue at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the event, with all furniture and equipment in
      place, other than items to be provided by [NAME OF CATERER]. Customer shall also provide
      storage for food and beverages as set out in the attached Worksheet.

8.    Menu Changes / Special Requests. Any changes to the menu or special requests by Customer must
      be made in writing no later than _____ days prior to the event date.

9.    Late Arrivals / Extended Meals. Meals are served promptly as set out on the face of this Contract.
      [NAME OF CATERER] allows 1.5 hours of service for breakfast and lunch and 2.5 hours for
      dinner, for functions of less than ______ persons. An additional charge of $______ per each 15
      minutes for each ______ guests will be added to the final contract price for late arrivals or
      extended meals.

10.   Insurance. [NAME OF CATERER] undertakes to obtain, through an insurance company licensed
      to business in ___________, a general liability insurance policy with a minimum limit of
      $1,000,000.00 per occurrence, and to provide Customer with a copy of such policy upon request.

11.   Standard of Care. [NAME OF CATERER] warrants that its services shall be performed by
      personnel possessing competency consistent with applicable industry standards. No other
      representation, express or implied, and no warranty or guarantee are included or intended in this
      Contract. Furthermore, no guarantee is made as to the value of any services performed. This
      paragraph sets forth the only warranties provided by [NAME OF CATERER] concerning the
      services provided hereunder. This warranty is made expressly in lieu of all other warranties,
      express or implied.

12.   Cancellation Fee. All cancellations must be in writing. The following cancellation fees will be
      charged against Customer’s deposit:

      For groups up to 25:             Cancellations received ___ working days prior to the event date
                                       will be accepted without charge. Cancellations within ___
                                       working days of the event will result in a charge of ____% of the
                                       total contract price.

      For groups of 25-99:             Cancellations received ___ working days prior to the event date
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