; ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA)
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ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Internet service providers, prepare SLAs for your customers with this easy-to-use ISP Service Level Agreement template. - The service provider agrees to pay the customer a contractual credit if it fails to meet certain service quality levels which it has set for itself. - The service levels are voluntary obligations set by the internet service provider for itself, and do not constitute a pledge or guarantee of services. - To qualify, the customer must be registered as a current subscriber to the provider's services. - This is a generic form (not country specific) which can be used anywhere. This ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA) template is provided in MS Word format, and is fully editable to fit your exact circumstances.

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                                     SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT
1.       General Terms

(a)      [Service Provider] has the objective of achieving the quality levels it has set for its connectivity    Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         services described in this Agreement. It is therefore offering its customers the payment of a
         contractual credit in the event of non-compliance or incomplete attainment of this objective.

(b)      The quality levels set out in this Agreement are voluntary obligations which [Service Provider]
         has taken on itself, and do not constitute a pledge or guarantee of services owed by [Service
         Provider] for which [Service Provider] is liable. [Service Provider] disclaims and excludes all
         liability for adherence to this self-imposed obligation, which is free of charge to the customer. In
         the event that one of the following quality objectives is not fulfilled in whole or in part, the
         customer may request a credit for the service under the following terms:

         (i)     All credits given by [Service provider] require that the customer register as a subscriber
                 under this Agreement in accordance with [Service Provider]’s subscriber program.

         (ii)    Registrations by current customers must extend their subscription term by [time period]
                 beginning with the calendar month following the registration. Credits may be applied for
                 in respect of all objectives [Service Provider] does not achieve, with the exception of
                 installation. Installation is only available after an order has been received and accepted
                 by [Service Provider].

         (iii)   The customer shall file all credit applications under this Agreement within _____
                 business days of the date on which the customer became aware of the potential for a
                 claim. If information maintained by [Service Provider] is required, this period shall
                 commence on the date on which [Service Provider] makes such information available.
                 This shall not include claims made as a result of the Latency Objective being exceeded, in
                 which case [Service Provider] shall automatically reimburse the customer.

         (iv)    The credit claim per service and billing period shall be limited to the basic monthly fees,
                 as previously agreed to in writing by the customer. Services for which [Service Provider]
                 is not a contractual partner or which are not put into operation by [Service Provider]
                 shall not be subject to the terms of this Agreement.

2.       100% Service Availability Objective

(a)      [Service Provider] maintains a backbone, including points of presence (“POPs”) (hereinafter             Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
         referred to as the “Network”) for the provision and rendering of its services in [country(ies)].
         Data transmission within the Network is available on a 24-hour per day, 7-days per week basis,
         with the exception of:

         (i)     periods of Scheduled maintenance, which [Service Provider] regularly performs on
                 [days] between the hours of [times] at POPs to which a customer is linked and of which
                 the customer is notified ____ hours prior to such work. Notice will be sent to the e-mail
                 address which customer has provided;

         (ii)    loss of service due to circumstances beyond [Service Provider]’s control, including but
                 not limited to power outages, fires, floods, strikes, lock-outs, acts of war or sabotage, and
                 any other circumstance not reasonably within the ability of [Service Provider] to control;

         (iii)   availability of the telecom leased line between the custome
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