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Traditional Folk Dances of Germany

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Learn how to perform Traditional Folk Dances of Germany with this 15-page instruction booklet, which includes diagrams of basic dance steps. Folk dances included in this booklet: - Alfelder - Black Forest Mazurka - Catherine's Wedding - D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln - Grosser Lechterrum - Jaegermarsch (Bavarian Mixer) - Polka zu Dreien - Puttjenter - Rheinlaender for Three - Waltz Mazurka. Traditional Folk Dances of Germany is provided as a PDF file for easy downloading and printing.

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                         TRADITIONAL GERMAN DANCES
              (see attached Description of Basic Dance Steps for directions for
                             steps called for in the dances)

Formation:                     3 dancers in a line, man in the middle, woman on
                               each side of him. One line facing clockwise and one
                               counterclockwise around a large circle.
Figure I:                      The circle moves clockwise 8 steps, then 8 steps back
                               into place, falling back in line.
Figure II:                     The men hook right elbows and walk around each
                               other 4 steps. They each meet their own “right” girl
                               with left elbow and turn, 4 steps; meet own “left” girl
                               with right elbow and turn, 4 steps; back in line in 4
Figure III:                    Bow to opposite trio, equivalent of 4 steps; then all
                               trios, in lines, pass through their opposite trio, dropping
                               hands as they go through and passing right shoulders
                               with the person they face in the opposite line -
                               passing through in 8 steps. Bow to opposite line,
                               equivalent of 4 steps.

Formation:   Double circle, men on the inside. Inside hands joined,
             free hands on hips, face counter-clockwise.
Figure I:    Both start with outside foot. One Waltz Step forward,
             slightly away from partner, arms swinging forward and
             up. One Waltz Step forward, turning in toward partner,
             arms swinging downward and back in rhythm with
             the music. Release hands. With one Waltz Step, make
             a complete turn away from partner (man’s left,
             woman’s right) and face. Each dancer claps their
             hands 3 times.
             Repeat this figure.
Figure II:   In ballroom position, take 2 Mazurka Steps, both
             starting on outside foot. (Step on outside foot, step on
             inside foot and hop on inside foot; repeat). Still in
             ballroom position, circle counter-clockwise in place
             with 6 running steps, backwards for the men, forward
             for the women.
             Repeat this figure.
Repeats:     Repeat all as many times as necessary.

               CATHERINE’S WEDDING
Formation:    Partners facing. Directions are for man, woman’s part
              is in reverse except when specifically noted.
     1-2:     Clap own hands, clap partner’s right hand, clap
              partner’s left hand, clap both of partner’s hands.
     3-4:     Join hands outstretched shoulder height. Both
              beginning left, take 4 step-hops turning clockwise.
              Then repeat measures 1-4.
     5-6:     Partners face, right hands joined. Beginning left, man
              takes 4 waltz steps in line of direction while woman,
              beginning right, turns clockwise twice under her right
              arm with 4 waltz steps.
     7-8:     Closed position. Take 4 waltz steps turning clockwise.
              Repeat measures 5-8.
     9:       Couple position. Beginning left, balance away from
              partner and balance toward partner, progressing in
              line of direction.
     10:      Beginning left, take 2 waltz steps making one
              complete turn away from partner, progressing in line
              of direction.
     11-12:   Repeat measures 9-10 moving forward.
     13-16:   Partners face reverse line of direction, inside hands
              joined. Beginning right, repeat measures 9-12, moving
              in reverse line of direction.

Formation:             This is a dance for men only. Make a circle of 4 men
                       (M1 and M3 facing; M2 and M4 facing).
Clap Pattern:          Two measures. Clap both hands on own thighs, on
                       own chest, in own hands, clap in each other’s right
                       hands, in each other’s left hands, in each other’s both
                       hands (thighs, chest, own, right, left, own) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
A.     1-16            M1 and M3 do clap pattern, beginning on first beats
                       of measure 1 (beats 1, 2, 3). M2 and M4 do clap
                       pattern, beginning on beat of measure 2 (beats 4, 5,
Circle Left & Right:   The four dancers join hands to form circles of four -
B.    1-8              clockwise around with step-hops.
      9-16             Circle counter-clockwise around.
                       Then repeat Clap pattern.
Right & Left Star:
B.     1-8             Sets make Right-hand Star and turn clockwise with
       9-16            Sets make Left-hand star and turn counter-clockwise
                       with step-hops.
                       Then repeat Clap pattern.
Big Circle:            All dancers form one big circle.

A.     1-8             Clockwise around with step-hops.

       9-16            Counter-clockwise around.

                  GROSSER LECHTERRUM
Formation:      Couples circle, all facing center.

Measures 1-8:   All circle left with 8 Step-Hops.
                Repeat, this time circling right with 8 Step-Hops.
9-11            Closed dance position, man’s back to center of
                circle. 3 Schottische steps in line of direction. Man’s
                left and woman’s right hands are held in usual
                position on first steps, brought in close to the chest on
                the second and back to original position on the third.
12              While dancing one Schottische steps, man leads
                partner from his right to his left side so she is facing in
                the opposite direction and left hands are joined.
13-16           Grand left and right while dancing a Schottische step.
                Pass partner on the first step. Right hand to second
                and pass. Left hand to third and pass. Move up to
                fourth person and again take closed dance position
                as in Measure 9.
Repeats:        Repeat the entire pattern of Measures 9-16.

Figure II:      Partners join right hands - 8 Step-Hops right, change
                to left hands and 8 Step-Hops in the other direction.
                Then CHORUS.
Figure III:     Partners join both hands to form a small circle. Circle
                left, then right with 8 Step-Hops each way.
                Then CHORUS.
Figure IV:      Back hand grasp. Partners link right elbows and join
                hands behind the back. Go forward with 8 Step-Hops,
                then backward, but do not release back hand grasp.
                Then CHORUS.
Figure V:       End with the large circle left and right as at the
NOTE:           Step-Hops are used in the first 8 measures or the verse
                part. Schottische steps are used in measures 9-16 or
                the chorus part.

                     JAEGERMARSCH (BAVARIAN MIXER)
Formation:               Couples in a circle, side by side, inside hands joined,
                         facing counterclockwise.
Figure I:
Measures 1-16            All promenade around circle with walking steps.
Figure II:
Measures 17-32           Release partners, men continue counterclockwise
                         clapping on the beat of the music, while woman turn
                         back, moving clockwise on outside of men’s circle,
                         clapping on the off-beat.
Figure III:
Measures 33-48 (waltz)   Men take the nearest woman as partner and waltz
                         anywhere about the floor, ending in a circle to begin
                         Repeat as above, except that Figure 2 changes each
                         time as follows:
Second time:             Men turn back on inside, clockwise, while women
                         continue counterclockwise, clapping as before.
Third time:              Men face center, join hands to make arches. Women
                         join hands in a line, one woman leading, and weave
                         in and out of arches, moving counterclockwise.
Fourth time:             Same as third time, but women make arches, while
                         men weave counterclockwise.

                   POLKA ZU DREIEN
Formation:    Sets of 3, man with a woman on each side. Face
              counterclockwise. Join inside hands with elbows bent
              easily thus bringing clasped hands about shoulder
              height. Women’s free hands on hips.
Figure I:     All  start   with    right   foot.     Heel-and-toe    in
              counterclockwise direction, then 3 small running steps
              in same direction. Repeat with left foot, then right,
              and again left, 4 times in all. Use final 3 running steps
              all turn left in place, releasing hands. Facing
              clockwise, rejoin hands and repeat the figure.
Figure II:    Using final 3 running steps of last figure to get in
              position, form right hand star and do 8 polkas
              clockwise. Reverse to left hand star and repeat
              circling polkas counterclockwise. Straighten line and
              join hands, facing counterclockwise as in Figure I.
              Repeat Figure I.
Figure III:   All join hands, circle left with 8 polka steps, then circle
              right with 8 polka steps.

Formation:   Square of 4 couples.
A.   1-4:    Circle Eight - Circle left with 8 walking steps.
     5-8:    Circle left to place with 8 walking steps.
B:   1-4:    Face corners, stamp in place 3 times; clap own hands
             3 times, then join both hands with corner and swing
             once around clockwise with 4 skips.
     5-8:    Face partner and repeat stamp, clap with two-hand
             swing pattern of measur
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