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									                                PACKAGED SERVICES AGREEMENT
                                          - U.S.A. -

THIS AGREEMENT is made effective                                                  .


[PROVIDER]                                            [CLIENT]
address                                               address

In consideration of the obligations and agreements expressed below the parties agree as follows:

1.      General

(a)     This Agreement is for the supply to the Client of certain specified packaged services by
        PROVIDER as more particularly described and identified in Schedule “A” hereto (the

(b)     The terms of this Agreement shall apply only to Services requested by the Client from those
        itemized in Schedule “A” unless otherwise agreed to in writing between the parties.

2.      Services Provided

(a)     Client will authorize an order for Services by checking off specific Services required on Schedule
        “A” and initialing the schedule.

(b)     In consideration of payment of the specified fee(s) set forth in Schedule “A” which correspond
        with the particular service(s) (the “Fees”) required by the Client, PROVIDER will designate
        qualified personnel and schedule the resources required to commence and complete the Services
        in a time frame mutually acceptable to the parties.

(c)     Each of the specific Services listed in Schedule “A” consists of and will accord with the processes
        detailed in PROVIDER’s published Product Directory under the relevant Product Identification

3.      Fees and Payment

(a)     The Fees stipulated in Schedule “A” are based on Services being provided at PROVIDER
        premises during normal business hours.

(b)     Fees will be invoiced upon execution of this Agreement by the Client and will be due and
        payable prior to PROVIDER commencing the Services.

4.      Additional Fees and Expenses

(a)     The cost of travel, subsistence and other related expenses together with any additional fees for
        overtime or services not included in the Schedule “A” Services requested by the Client will be
        invoiced monthly, which invoices will be due upon receipt.

(b)     Additional services requested by a Client in conjunction with provision of the Services (including
        overtime) will be in writing and will be provided by PROVIDER at the rates and in accordance
        with the provisions contained in Schedule “B” attached.

5.      Taxes

Fees and expenses referred to in this Agreement are exclusive and net of any taxes (other than
PROVIDER’s income taxes), duties or other such additional sums including, but without restricting the
generality of the foregoing, excise tax, state or federal sales tax, property or use taxes; import or other

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