Premium Fleet / Lease Condition Report for Automobile

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					                                   DAMAGE CODES
             Exterior/Interior                                    Mechanical
Bent                             BT              Blows Cold                       BC
Broken                           BR              Blows Warm                       BW
Burn                             BN              Broken                           BR
Chip                             CH              Burn                             BN
Collision Damage                 CL              Crack                            CR
Crack                            CR              Disassembled                     DA
Cut                              CT              Flat                             FL
Dent No Paint Damage             DT              Indicator Light On               LT
Dent & Paint Damage              DP              Inoperable                       IO
Dirty                            DR              Leak                             LK
Faded                            FD              Loose                            LS
Flat                             FL              Missing                          MS
Gouge                            GO              Noise                            NO
Hail Damage                      HD              Pulls or Grabs                   PU
Description: Do you run a vehicle auction which sells previously leased vehicles? Write up damage reports with this NAAA-recommended Premium Fleet ⁄ Lease Condition Report for Automobile. The Condition Report form contains detailed sections for the exterior, interior, mechanical and electrical, options, level of damage, and estimated repair cost per item. It also includes a list of Damage Codes. This Vehicle Auction Premium Fleet ⁄ Lease Condition Report for Automobile is provided in PDF format and is intended to be used as a preprinted form - just print it out and fill in by hand. Buy the form once, and it's yours to use as often as you require.
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